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As you know from yesterday’s post I’m currently in Cape Dorset.  Tonight my friend Cassandra picked me up for dinner.  Before dinner we did a drive around tour of some of the cool spots in Cape Dorset!  CapeDorset-Day2010

We decided to do the tour before we ate…because the fog has been coming and going all day.  Luckily we did because by the end of dinner the fog had rolled in and seemed to engulf town.  CapeDorset-Day2001

The land here is so different from Pangnirtung.  It’s very rocky…and the rock formations are awesome to look at! CapeDorset-Day2002

This is the “bridge” that connects Dorset Island to Malik Island at low tide.  Pretty awesome… CapeDorset-Day2003

It was nice to have access to a vehicle and get another new perspective of the community from different views.  CapeDorset-Day2004

There’s something pretty neat about seeing boats sitting on the ground at low tide…before Pangnirtung got it’s harbour this use to be the way it was too! CapeDorset-Day2005

We were able to see a few icebergs floating in the distance.  I had seen them from the air when we landed on Tuesday..but it was nice to see them again! CapeDorset-Day2006

So rocky under my feet…seems like every 10 steps or so the rocks changed that were under my feet…to bigger, or smaller than this photo!


Out for a Wednesday walk…CapeDorset-Day2007Thanks again Cassandra for the awesome dinner and tour…it was great catching up!  I hope our paths cross again in the Arctic soon.


Greetings from Kinngait!

Hello, tonight I’m writing you from Cape Dorset also known as ‘Kinngait’ in Inuktitut. Tonight after a meeting I went on a walk to take in the sunset.  It was really gorgeous…I walked with a friend here in Cape Dorset who shared some of the history and stories of the land.  It always great to explore a place with someone that has lived there for a long time! CapeDorset-001

Now for those of you who might not know where Cape Dorset, Nunavut is…I decided to share a map with you!  Last night I flew from Pangnirtung to Iqaluit…stayed over night, then flew into Cape Dorset today.


Cape Dorset is known world wide for their artwork…prints and carvings!  Last time I was here 5 years ago I purchased 5 carvings… we’ll see what happens this trip. If you want to read about my adventures from my first visit to Cape Dorset you can find them at my ‘Newbie in the North’ blog HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!


Tonight for my evening walk I just went as the sun was setting up to the big gazebo.  Gorgeous views of town…


Then went back to Dorset Suites to catch the sunset from my balcony! Yup, my room here in has a balcony…it might be one of the only ones in Nunavut.


The last photo from the day was my view from my balcony tonight…



HaPpY BiRtHdAy Gramma!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU..

Happy Birthday to you…


Happy Birthday to you!


Dear Gramma,

Hope you are having a fantastic day…sending you birthday greetings from Pangnirtung, Nunavut.  I hope you are having a fantastic summer at the cottage–from what I’ve heard it’s been a great time!  I’ll try to call later tonight to give you birthday greetings over the phone! You are the best Gramma a gal could ever ask for… sending you heaps of love on your special day!

Luv, Sarah :)


Beach Exploring…

Just some shots from the beaches here in Iqaluit…a friend and I headed down there a week ago to take photos and watch the sealift come in at high tide.

The kids LOVED playing on this boat…it was like their own private jungle gym!

Iqaluit Beach001

There wasn’t much action with the barges…but there were a few other people around!

Iqaluit Beach002

There are quite a few ‘abandoned’ boats on the beach…pulled out of the water and left to the elements.   I really liked this boat.  I researched a bit about it after coming home…(yahoo for a good google search!)

Iqaluit Beach005

The Calanus has quite a history… commissioned in 1947 and had many a voyages doing research in and around Nunavut…including having a few winters in a safe harbour near Igloolik.  It’s been on the beach since around 1979 when it got pulled out of the water and hasn’t been used since.   I think that’s what struck me, my WHOLE life this boat has sat neglected on the beach.  Yet when you walk by her…you can see the excellent craftsmanship that made her.  If you want to read about more of the Calanus’ history check out this article by Kenn Harper.

Iqaluit Beach012

We headed over to the causeway to see what we could see next.  It was such a windy crazy night…but still was nice to view Iqaluit from a different perspective.

Iqaluit Beach009…the clouds were so cool that night, I think it had to do with the winds that were happening..thankfully the winds were taking the smoke from the ‘dumpcano’ away from town.

Iqaluit Beach010All in all it was a fun night…and great to get out of the hotel room and explore a few places in Iqaluit I haven’t been!


Relay for Life- Iqaluit

Last Saturday was the Relay for LIfe here in Iqaluit.  I joined up with 9 other friends and work colleagues to create a team called “Education for Life”!

Everything always seems to happen last minute.  On Friday morning I causally mentioned I was a ‘cape-making-expert‘ partly because of the capes I made last year for my amazing Indigo Raven Road Trip in the Yukon.  So that lead to me making capes on Friday evening and the wee hours of Saturday morning for our team to wear!  (I finished and was in bed by 3am!) But I think they turned out great.

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0001

…we are just missing the ‘!’ member of our team! I also made 3 kid sized capes with the following on them EDU FOR LIFE

When I decided to walk in the Relay for Life immediately I thought of two people: My gramma a survivor of Breast Cancer…who just finished her treatment a year ago in July and has been in remission since.  The other person was my friend Andrea.  Andrea is my friend from my Toronto livin’ days.  She actually left Toronto and relocated to Australia before I left Toronto to move to Nunavut.  We have kept in touch and had many a late night/early morning convos over the years.  My heart and prayers are with her as she is currently in treatment for Breast Cancer. This was was for you! Wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world…and a wee bit closer for a visit.

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0006

I might be biased but our team had the best “set-up” on the turf…. (the letters spell out E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N!)

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0002

Now one of the fun games as we walked was to see what we could spell with our ‘cape letters’… here are a few we caught on camera! It’s not every day you get to be a walking member of a D-U-I!  (I was wearing the U cape!) Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0004

Or maybe you just want to say N-O…. or be proud to live in N-U!  (Though my head often thinks  NU = Nipissing University in North Bay where I got my undergrad degree, not NU= Nunavut!) Or you might want to have a ‘N-U-D-E LIFE* !’   (*that’s what’s on the kids’ cape spelled LIFE!)

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0003

Overall it was a fantastic event…great exercise with great people!  There was live music for parts of the event as well as a good dj with tunes to keep us walking. Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0005

There was also a Zoomba Class which looked like heaps of fun, but I might have been chicken and didn’t join in that one!  (but at the end of the Relay… Christine came back and did a Yoga cool down, that I did join and enjoy!) Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0007Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0008

During every Relay for Life participates are welcome to purchase a paper bag and decorate it in memory of loved ones that are currently fighting Cancer, Survivors as well as people that are no longer with us.  This year I decorated two paper bags and was given two candles for them to turn them into Luminaries…. one for my Gramma and one for my friend Andrea.

These Luminaries are lit and then the house lights went down…we did a walk basking the light of the luminaries remembering all of our loved ones who have been affected by Cancer.
Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0013 Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0009 Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0010

Slowly the house lights came back on after walking a few laps by light from the luminaries. Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0012 Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0011

The Relay for Life is a fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Thank you to all my friends and family that generously sponsored me.  I met my fundraising goal of $750!  One of our team members–Melanie was a fundraising superstar! She was the top fundraiser for the event and was gifted a return ticket from Iqaluit to Ottawa via Canadian North…

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0016

Our Team Education for Life raised a total of $12, 385!!!! We were the top team….for fundraising.

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0014

All money raised stays here in Nunavut…it was a great event to be able to take part in…So thankful that I was in Iqaluit and able to participate!

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0015

Everyone is touched by Cancer at some point in life…it was great to be part of such a fun and positive event that is for such a worthy cause.  Overall the Iqaluit Relay for Life made over $38,000…money that will go to good work here in Nunavut via the Canadian Cancer Society! Way to go to all the teams and walkers!

Relay 4 Life-Iqaluit_0014

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