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Sneak Peak! Welcome Baby Stella…


In January 2005… (six months after I moved to Toronto)… I decided to join a gym and get healthy…with joining a gym I had a one hour ‘consult’ with a personal trainer… That’s when I met Chantal… at that time I had no clue that we’d become friends… She was such a support as I went back to university to complete a Masters Degree…over the years we have had many laughs… some about things I refused to do while in the gym..(I can be stubborn–who would have thought that!?)… at some point we bonded over our love of chocolate, early morning workouts in the gym.(yes, I grew to love those mornings), reality TV and love of a good story!.. When her 2nd son was born I did some ‘new baby’ shots and family shots… Last summer while I was in Toronto we got together…and I did a impromptu maternity photo shoot!  I wanted to just include a few of those photos… that I never blogged, before showing shots of her new baby!

Chan is so gorgeous…

I remember quickly shooting these shoots in like 15-30mins… because after 15mins in… I got a call I had to go pick up my mum from the dentist!  (so it was speedy fast…but I was able to still get some awesome shots!)

 A quick shot with T…

Chan and her two boys… soon to be BIG brothers!!
In September, Miss Stella was in a hurry to enter this world!  She arrived 5 weeks early and weighed in at 4lbs 1ounce…now she’s hovering around the 8lb mark! She is the cutest thing ever…it is true that ‘good things come in small packages!’  She was born with a cleft lip and palate…and will be having some surgeries through-out 2011..
I haven’t had the opportunity to hang out with too many preemies–(normally babies this size are newborn and are sleepy and not very alert).  That’s not Miss Stella–she had plenty to talk about, she might have just told me a few secrets! 
 “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” — Dr. Seuss (Horton Hears a Who!)

She’s got HUGE feet.. (compared to her teeny tiny legs!)…. But then again… all baby feet are tiny… and so adorable!

A quick shot of the big brother’s feet… (still tiny and adorable!)

 This shot was so funny to get… we had Stella’s big brother’s lie on top of each other–(convince them not to wrestle) then Stella’s dad…held her above… trying to get a shot of the feet—and getting the kids to KEEP them STILL… the end result is pretty cool… but something that definitely was fun in the process! Thanks Chan and T for helping keep everyone safe!!! 😉

Proud Big Brothers…
Sibling LOVE!!!

 By the time we got around to doing the ‘family’ shot… the boys were ready for their ‘rest’ or ‘nap’ time!  L is not looking too pleased, because his Tigger stuffed animal (a new Christmas present)… decided he wanted to take the photo–not be IN the photo… (hence L being a bit sad!)

 Just before the boys went in for their rest time… I did this self portrait in their closet mirror… M thought it was pretty cool!

Chan and T, thanks so much for letting me shoot your family’s photos!  I have a CD ready for you… (this was just the teaser–the CD has about 100 images(both in colour and B&W) so a total of about 200!  I’ll get it in the mail ASAP!) Hope you enjoyed the ‘sneak’ peak…
It was so wonderful to just hang out with you and the kids for the day!  See you next time I’m in the Tdot! 
luv, Sarah

>Merry Christmas…


Sending you heaps of love from my house to yours!!!
photo by Ryan Bealer

photo by Ryan Bealer

photo by Ryan Bealer

photo by Ryan Bealer
May Beautiful moments and happy memories surround you with joy this Christmas!!
luv, Sarah



It’s the day before Christmas… and outside of my mum’s house!
Two little boys and an Auntie… went hunting for tracks…
Here are some photos from that delightful romp…
(as Samuel had asked for just 6 more minutes–and indeed he got them)!
There was some shoveling of the deck… clearing off the ice chunks…

“Aunt Sarah, I’m very busy… we have lots of work to do!” exclaimed Samuel!

 I’m not sure Benjamin could see much out of his hat… I seem to remember taking shots of him at his first birthday with his summer hat.. and it had the same issues.. perhaps that’s just the way he likes to wear them!

 “Look at me… zoom so fast!” said Benjamin…

 I had had been outside only with my barefeet in sandals… but then Samuel came to the door… and who could say no to a face like that!  (I did put on my snow pants, socks, coats etc… and then the story continued!!)

 My mum got these awesome shovels… and the boys really love them!

 ..see he does have eyes!! 😉

I’m going to get you….. (yes, Aunt Sarah sometimes might be a tickle monster!)


Our first discovery… the pumpkin… (left for the deer to eat…) but we decided to bury it with more snow…

 A quick shot of all three of us… but the adventure must go on!

 I’m not sure if Benjamin knew at this moment that Samuel was about to dump a shovel full of snow on his head!!!

 He turned and said, “No, not on Ben-man!” and Samuel listened…

 Near the river that goes into the lake.. we found tracks… after some discussion we decided to follow the ones going back towards the house.. because it’s not safe to go onto the river, or lake. 

 Benjamin kept getting ‘stuck’… this involved him sitting down in the snow… declaring himself stuck, then Samuel coming to ‘shovel’ him out…. quite a fun and exciting game they have created for themselves…

 Snow on the face is CHILLY!!!

 At the end of the adventure….

It was a fun and exciting afternoon… with more to come as the day progresses…
with a caroling service… snacks and fun games! 
Hope you and yours have a delightful evening…
Because you know who comes tonight,
after we are all snug in our beds… with visions of MacBook Pros, 60′ LCD TVs, iPhone 4’s (not all mine… some are my families)…dancing in our heads!!
Don’t be alarmed when you hear that clatter on your roof… its just that jolly old Saint Nick…
“Merry Christmas to you!”

Christmas Concerts…and Haliburton Life..


Today was Samuel’s Christmas Concert… This was one of those ‘first’ things.. and I was lucky to be here for it!! Because you know Kindergarten Christmas Concerts are really important!! All three of the kindergarten classes joined, and sang to the proud parents, grandparents and other family members! 
Their songs were: Away in a Manger, S-A-N-T-A is His Name Oh! (think of the song B-I-N-G-O with the dog), We Wish you a Merry Christmas…and then Jingle Bells as they left the stage!
I wasn’t sure if he actually saw me, or his mum, or dad, or grandparents… but he did SING to all the songs!  Samuel you sure have grown up a lot since the summer!!!

Samuel, I was so excited to be there today!! Great job singing…you made your Aunt Sarah smile with pride!!

I have been enjoying being at my mum’s house…. with a view like this… who wouldn’t be happy!?

Icicles dripping off the roof…. makes me want to go out and break one off and chew on it…

I totally am not on the prairies anymore… I’m soaking up this time here… because I’m afraid it might go too fast!!!

Love Actually is all Around…

>My friends Emily and Chris hosted a party last night… Their idea was(as quoted by Emily) “to start a living tradition – the annual gathering of friends and watching of the movie “Love, Actually.” And we are going to do this whilst wearing our ugliest sweaters. (Extra points if it’s festive. Prize for the winner.)”  I took the Greyhound up from Toronto to be able to arrive in time!!

cute sign for the party on the sketchy door to the apartment!

 Emily and Chris had made chili, had popcorn (with seasonings to add)…and a large variety of drinks! (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!)

 Emily stirring.. the ‘purple stew’?! not quite although it was purple….

 It was Hot Spiced Wine is this year’s ‘house beverage.’ Think red wine with delicious Christmas flavour! And I got to use this AWESOME mug…

 Emily with two friends from university days!

 Here we are in our ‘festive’ sweaters… mine wasn’t too festive.. so I visited the dollar store, and found some extras to add on… Emily really liked the Santa!

Hanging out ..pre-viewing of the movie…. you can see “Bruce the spruce” Emily and Chris’ awesome tree!!!

Everyone except me, and the two French guys…

 Then the winners for the best  ugliest festive sweaters were announced….

3rd Runner Up….
2nd Runner Up….

My sweater stats: 100% made in Canada–it is a “Prince Bellini”; had a leather strip amongst that ‘scratchy’, itchy yarn…
$3.50 at Value Village
+$3.50 spent at the dollar store
= $6.00 of pure holiday festive sweater awesomeness

1st Runner Up…

Just in case you didn’t see the back, and realized that there was some Christmas happening there!

The Winner!!

 Then we decided to do a random photo shoot for anyone that wanted photos in their sweaters…

 I think this could be in the running for a friends 2011 Christmas Card…

 Emily and I… posing by the book case… (at this point I just wanted to get the ‘itchy’ sweater off my body!! soon after this I did!)…

Emily and Chris… thanks for being such wonderful hosts…and starting this tradition! I can’t wait until next year… I’m keeping my eyes out for ‘better’ festive gear!!! Merry Christmas guys, and remember Love is… all around!

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