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Car…Shopping STRESS!!!!!

I have a confession to make.  The thing that stressed me out the most about this move to a NEW province, for a NEW job, in a NEW city, where I didn’t know anyone… wasn’t finding an apartment, wasn’t finding a church, wasn’t finding friends, wasn’t doing a new job, wasn’t living in a new city etc…. it was SHOPPING for a CAR…

I always thought I’d buy my first car from the Dealership in the town I grew up in.  With people that have known me since I was a kid, knew my family, knew my Grandpa, and uncles and mom etc…. so I wouldn’t have to worry about being ‘ripped’ off… or buying a lemon or well it would be a ‘stress’ free situation… that dream well was just a dream and POOF it’s not happening.

Here I am in Winnipeg and I have survived my FIRST day car shopping… I did my research I knew what kind of cars I wanted…. I’m a hatch back kind of gal, and like compact small cars… must have been growing up with a 4-door hatch, first the ‘red Sprint’ and then the ‘blue Geo-Metro’…So I picked a few dealerships and off I went.

Now I’m not lying, there were MULTIPLE calls back to my life line–my little bro, (my older bro was away today)… I’d talk to the dealership guys.. and then talk to my bro…. and FINALLY I found a dealership and the car… well THREE cars…. now I have to decide!!  What are the choices?

1. Hyundai Accent Sport ’09 RED—last ’09…but it’s standard…and not really sure I can do that… I did go out for a ‘lesson’ for like 15mins..but there was lots of stalling…. and not sure the stress of driving a NEW car in a NEW city and driving STICK is what I need at this moment.  But I did learn to drive Standard back when I was in Australia…my friend Sharelle’s Dad was a driving instructor and took me out for quite a few lessons!

2. Hyundai Accent ’10…(colour mine for the choosing)…. automatic…. base model… no sunroof that’s pretty sad… I really want that!!

3. Hyundai Accent Sport ’10….(colour mine for the choosing)… automatic…. sunroof but the most ‘spensive of the bunch!

Basicly I’m going to get one of the three.. and if I can drive the stick… that is the best choice…because it’s the cheapest, because it’s the last ’09 and they want it GONE!  hmmmmm I’m heading back on Monday for an ‘hour’ long test-drive to see if I really can pick up the art of NOT stalling…..and driving a standard… stay tunned because this could get interesting… and lets’ face it… I don’t think I”ve had ENOUGH change in my life yet! hahaha

Day 13…

So I was walking the LONG walk to my parking lot… yes, I have a 15min walk from my car to MY office… HECK I’m not really complaining… it’s good exercise. And there is interesting things to look at along my walk.. So I basicly enter my workplace through one building…go to the second floor and then walk through this ‘bridge- hallway’ thingy that joins the two buildings…

Today I was reflecting on my day, and how amazing it was… how it’s been 13 days since coming to Winnipeg I’m doing really great!!! THEN I look at the wall.. at the pipes…. and see well this..

Apparently I’m walking through the “asbestos” hallway… to get to my car every day… (I know it’s probably all safe and everything… it’s just labelled for everyone knows that there is Asbestos behind those pipes for repairs and such)!!  I stopped and started to laugh out loud..(I kid you not)… I was alone…and the reason you might ask? well I had been walking along this hallway every day since starting… and now on the 13th day of the month I realize I’m walking through the “asbestos” hallway…. It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious!! and 13 is my lucky number!

PS. These photos were taken with my iPhone…(have I mentioned how much I LUV that thing!?)

Survived WEEK ONE of the New JOB!!!

Well, I made it through week one… is my brain fully mush? Do I think I have gotten in too deep? of course I do?!  Change is stressful… I hope that I start sleeping soon!!  My brain keeps going and going and going—and doesn’t STOP at night… but that should be stopped soonish… I have a place to live! I got my keys tonight.. I stopped in at the place too take a look and some ‘inital’ photos!  I also had to drop off the first of two boxes that I mailed from Nunavut.  (I mailed a total of 5 rubbermaid tubs and 2 boxes..)  So I’ll keep the written to the minimum and I’ll give you a tour of my very BARE apartment!!!!

Main door–the tubs from Nunavut, storage area behind those so ‘sassy’ metal doors—I’m thinking of hanging a curtain up over that.. so I don’t have to look at it!

Kitchen- some might say cozy.. but I think this is the biggest kitchen I’ve EVER had in any of the places I’ve lived!
Bedroom… (get so much NICE light in the apartment at the end of the day!)
View from the Balcony…. that’s the “river-walk” that’s one of the longest skating rinks out there!  Can’t wait to go and skate and explore down there…..
The rest of the weekend was cleaning, and getting things that I KNEW I needed…still trying to figure out how to get my stuff from Toronto here… Dont’ really want to get into that drama online..but it’s SERIOUS drama… and I seriously can’t WAIT to sleep in my OWN bed… not that the bed I’m staying in isn’t ‘nice’ and the people I’m staying with are amazing… but I really crave my OWN space!! All in all I was pretty excited and HAPPY!

Route 90…

Today I learned another good lesson… Route 90 is NOT the way to travel leaving work and going towards St. Vital.  In the morning this route has been working for me… sure there’s a bit of traffic, but I’ve been zipping along (safely)–nothing like the ‘Don Valley Parking Lot’ in Toronto…

Tonight I ended up heading home the same way… I knew it would be a bit longer, the roads were a bit snow covered, and people were moving slower.  I white knuckled my trip all the way as driving, see I remembered being ‘rear-ended’ two days ago…in GOOD weather, and here it was ‘messy’ weather.. and my faith in Winnipeg drivers well isn’t the best.  It took me an HOUR and a HALF to drive from WORK to the St. Vital Centre(usually about a 25-35min drive)… yes, at that point I stopped at the food court and ate something because I was starving.  Then I continued on… and tried to figure out a NEW way from work to the place I’m staying.. that doesn’t involve ‘excess’ driving……

Day 4: First Day of WORK!

Wow, today was like the first day of school all over again…nerve-wracking but exciting…but it was an AWESOME day!  All I will say is that the people I’m working with are AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE and want to HELP me anyway that they can.  There were 2 others that started with me today.. and I share and office with one of them…and I really think that this is going to be awesome!

Leaving work I went to apply for taking over the ‘sublet’ of apartment from exhibit B!  I signed my life away on the application… left the deposit.  Then left that place… I was travelling over the “Main St. Bridge” on rush hour… was alright… I got to the middle of the bridge and traffic was stopped… so I stopped.  Apparently, the little old lady behind me didn’t seem to stop until she hit my back bumper.  I seriously was like “What the HECK?!” I had a bit of a panic… I’ve never been involved in an accident with another car… my neck hurt a lot… and wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do.  I ended up texting a friend. They walked me through all the information I had to get.  I moved off the bridge to a parking lot.  Got the info from the little old lady–they left.. and I sat in my car shaking! Called that friend, and ended up talking for like 45mins until traffic had slowed down a bit.. and I was calm enough to drive again!
(Did I mention it was a rental? and that there was HEAPS of paperwork that had to be filled out!?…oh that made it even more exciting…)

Lesson learned today… becareful when stopping because apparently some drivers don’t stop…here in Winnipeg.

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