Survived WEEK ONE of the New JOB!!!

Well, I made it through week one… is my brain fully mush? Do I think I have gotten in too deep? of course I do?!  Change is stressful… I hope that I start sleeping soon!!  My brain keeps going and going and going—and doesn’t STOP at night… but that should be stopped soonish… I have a place to live! I got my keys tonight.. I stopped in at the place too take a look and some ‘inital’ photos!  I also had to drop off the first of two boxes that I mailed from Nunavut.  (I mailed a total of 5 rubbermaid tubs and 2 boxes..)  So I’ll keep the written to the minimum and I’ll give you a tour of my very BARE apartment!!!!

Main door–the tubs from Nunavut, storage area behind those so ‘sassy’ metal doors—I’m thinking of hanging a curtain up over that.. so I don’t have to look at it!

Kitchen- some might say cozy.. but I think this is the biggest kitchen I’ve EVER had in any of the places I’ve lived!
Bedroom… (get so much NICE light in the apartment at the end of the day!)
View from the Balcony…. that’s the “river-walk” that’s one of the longest skating rinks out there!  Can’t wait to go and skate and explore down there…..
The rest of the weekend was cleaning, and getting things that I KNEW I needed…still trying to figure out how to get my stuff from Toronto here… Dont’ really want to get into that drama online..but it’s SERIOUS drama… and I seriously can’t WAIT to sleep in my OWN bed… not that the bed I’m staying in isn’t ‘nice’ and the people I’m staying with are amazing… but I really crave my OWN space!! All in all I was pretty excited and HAPPY!
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