a Rant for a Sunny Friday Afternoon….

>Dear Rogers,

Must we have this talk every month? YES, my mum’s number is part of MY-5 package…and YES the guy who sold me the phone first inputted the number wrong–way back in Jan.  Now apparently the guy that I talked to in Feb who told me they fixed the problem got the number wrong again! Don’t you understand a gal has to talk to her MUM!?…without phone bills of $225 in long distance!?

I wonder… if you can get it right this time… (you better after being on the phone for 25mins and on hold for 16mins)….Well got the long distance money credited back to my account..But seeesh… and I get to talk to you AGAIN next month.. because my billing cycle starts on the 2nd of the month… YAHOO!!! (I should really get something from you for MY time… after the TWO agents that were incompotent…but alas… I didn’t ask… maybe next month when we speak… I’ll ask!)

Sincerely, an iPhone user who loves the MY-5 Plan when it works!

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3 thoughts on “a Rant for a Sunny Friday Afternoon….

  1. Morena

    >Ok, I'm all caught up…. Rogers, if only I had the time to tell you all the horror stories I have about them. I think they train their staff to be idiots because not everyone they hire can me that naturally incompentant. Anyway, I'm so glad you're doing well. Love the name Milo by the way. Every car needs a name.


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