Happy 4th Birthday Samuel!!!

On this day FOUR years ago, I got to start using the title of Aunt…and it was love at first sight!

Moment I first held you...

(March 2006)
Samuel's 4th Bday_0002
(Mother’s Day 2006)
… exploring new toy Aunt Sarah made!!Samuel's 4th Bday_0003
Samuel's 4th Bday_0004
(Spring 2007)
Samuel's 4th Bday_0005
(Summer 2008)
Samuel's 4th Bday_0007
(Christmas 2009)
It’s been so amazing to see how much you have grown up Samuel!
I hope you have a very HAPPY 4th Birthday…
and I hope you feel better soon!!
Samuel's 4th Bday_0006
Luv, Aunt Sarah.. 🙂
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