A Walk in the ‘Exchange….

For the second time in a week… I’ve gone out for dinner.. and then walked around taking photos with a new friend!  It’s been a lot of fun… tonight we were in the Exchange District… lots of ‘old’ brick buildings, with heaps of character–and I’ve always been a fan of B&W–so ended up switching some over… (Still so need to get up to speed with more photo editing stuff but with time and practice I’ll be back there)…

I must admit… landscapes and this type of shooting has never really been my thing. I’m more about people, faces and expressions… so here’s my go and what I saw walking around.  Ryan and I wandered through a few alleys… (I’m not so sure I’d want to walk those same streets/alleys any later at night.. or alone… I’m glad I was with someone!!)
Feel free to let me know what you think!?
sepia shot of alley/street with fire escapes!
It was a fun night, we kept walking around the streets chasing the light. We almost missed the light, partly my fault, because I was hungry and wanted to eat dinner FIRST and then shoot SECOND!  I think next week we will SHOOT first and EAT second… (I’ll have to remember to bring a snack… bc lately by 5:30pm I’m STARVING)…
Black & White Shot of alley with shadows and fire escapes
..down the first alley found this awesome sign! …(apparently you cant’ park there…)
No Parking Sign
The sun was shinning in my face…when I attempted to do a self portrait–or there was a shadow from the camera…SO I turned away and snapped! (at first I thought it was a wasted shot…but when I looked at it at home I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the result!!
faceless self portraitprinting on brick buildings !
There’s something that’s so cool about what was ‘stamped’ ‘painted’ or whatever they did to the side of buildings and how it’s still there all this time but slowly starting to fade away.
old signs stamped onto brick buildingsold coke ad on side of brick building
…in the next few days I’ll probably add a few more…don’t want to ‘overload’ you with heaps of shots!
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