Superhero Bingo-Bowling…

A while ago, there was an email that went around the office…with the question.. who wants to take part in a “superhero bingo bowling night” it will take part as part of the celebrations for Early Childhood Educator’s Week… It sounded like a lot of fun…. so I signed up… well finally tonight was the night!!!  (after madly sewing capes…a quick visit to the dollar store for some “superhero” gear… and I was ready to play!)
It always starts with the shoes… mine tonight were liek brand-new…and I thought were pretty stylish! And I thought if I owned a pair of these I would totally wear them and rock’ them all over the ‘peg!
Bowling Shoes
What’s with crazy carpet in bowling alley’s…there must be a bowling alley law that I am unaware of that explains the carpet choices!
Bowling alley carpet
Yes, the ‘turn away’ and flinch and ‘hope’ the last pin gets knocked over works every-time!
Another shot of another ‘super-hero’ in action!
Super-Hero Bowler!
..aren’t these capes fabulous?…I was excited to get ‘crafty’ again… but not so excited that the sewing machine that I was given by a friend—stored for a year doesn’t work… maybe I should have checked that out BEFORE I stored it for a year and 1/2? I think I need to finally get a sewing machine.. .apparently a new one was my ‘gift’ from my mum for completing my BA in 2002…but then was forgotten… (hint hint MUM!)
Capes for the Costumes!
Go TEAM Go!!!
Super-Hero Team...
Our team won “most spirit” for bowling…(perhaps this was due to my enthusiasm for gutter-balls…and then the shock/excitement when I actually got a STRIKE!)
Trophy + chocolate + bowling shoes
…what more can a gal ask for?…mini-trophy + chocolate BINGO board = Bliss
Me with my trophy and cape!
All in all it was a pretty fun night… my first time out for the “bingo” part of the bowling…. This was the card for Game #3…you had to achieve the bottom and work your way up to the top…
and if you got Bingo first–you won!
Bingo- Bowling score sheet...
…I luv these shoes…no more needs to be said about that!
Bowling shoes and bowling lane...
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