Trying to find some beauty…

Lately work has been utterly crazy… the weather for the most part has been amazing… yet tonight when we went to take photos–it was dull, low light… kind of like how I felt… we only were out for around an hour–started to rain so we headed to dinner!  But the weather definitely matched my mood.  I keep wondering will I ever take a moment to finally catch up, and breathe and well just enjoy? It seems my life has become a go-go almost to the point of going crazy… With May around the corner (where hast the time gone?!) This crazy pace has to slow down… I’ve decided–that is!!

Until then… I’m going to leave you with a few of my pics… from a night I had a hard time getting inspired…. I did in the end find a bit of inspiration…. (I guess you just have to look for it!)

Green Tree Leafs... Tree Branch with Green stuffBrown Flower... Tree Stump-with blurred background

This was a really neat mirror along our walk.  It was kind of fun to look at since it made all the images in it pretty distorted!
Outside MirrorMirror Self-Portrait
and there was this….I’ve been thinking a lot of Australia…and well lately at the oddest times I have noticed things from or about Oz… tonight was no different….
Australia Map

Memories from that year I spent on my ‘working’ holiday!  Ahhhhh to be sailing in the Whitsunday Islands… on a maxi-racing yacht… yep that’s where I’d rather be right now!!

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