Messy Hands….

My Gramma or as I call her sometimes My Grams…is the coolest grandma a person could ever ask for!!  She’s always given gifts that are pretty awesome and bang on… whether it be clothes or toys… I love seeing her with my nephews!! Here she’s looking at the toy with the boys that she gave Benjamin!
Gramma with Samuel and Benjamin
Blowing out the candles….
blowing out the candles
How can you not eat cake without getting “messy hands”…. Samuel had them…
Samuel's Messy Hands
Benjamin had them too…..
Benjamin's Messy hands
Even though he was using a fork his hands still got a wee bit dirty!!
baby using fork to eat
There’s something about little hands, using forks but still getting all messy… that makes my heart explode!
baby hands eating cake
…you know it’s been a good piece of cake when you have ‘messy hands!’
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