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…escape to the park!

Saturday May 22nd, I arrived at my Jamie and Dana’s house.. and took the boys to the park! It was awesome fun… (this was also Benjamin’s 2nd birthday…and gave Dana and Jamie some time to get stuff ready for the family party later that afternoon)…

There was times for snacks…

nephew sitting on a picnic table bench...

Time to slide… Samuel likes to go head first…
boy going down the slide-head first!
Benjamin perfers to go backwards… and then do this crazy little flip at the end so he’s in the right direction!! too cute!
little boy going down slide backwards
Time to climb….
(I got a BUNCH of dirty looks from other ‘parents’ when I took this photo…I think they thought I wasn’t supervising close enough…but before I did get my camera and shoot some shots…I did manage to see IF they COULD actually climb and get there safely… and I was with-in an arm’s reach)….
little Bro.. is doing everything his big Bro is doing…
Boys climbing on play structure
Time to look at the ducks, and also feed them… thanks to running into my old Grade 7 teacher, who gave us some bread!
ducks and little boy
Time to catch up with your Grade 7 Teacher… Mrs. Bain (who was at the park with her daughter and two granddaughters!)
Two people
Time to balance…
Boy balancing on a flower bed.
…let me tell you, I headed back to my mum’s had lunch and a nap before I headed back for the birthday party!

May 2-4 Surprises!!!

It’s been awhile… I’ve been ‘on the road again’ or should I say ‘in the skies, and then on the road’… I headed back to Ontario to visit family for the May 2-4 weekend!  My mum knew I was coming, and I think my little bro and sister-in-law because she had to stay at their house an extra few nights in Toronto before she picked me up at the airport… and that’s a whole other blog/story for another time. Lesson learned, “maybe not ask my mum to pick me up from the airport again!” As this is stressful for ME and also HER! 

Tonight, before I go back to marking and doing what I need to get done… I’m going to leave you with some shots from my time I spent with my nephews!  I arrived in Haliburton on Friday  May 21 in the afternoon… knocked on the door and my sister-in-law, Dana was shocked. Partly because earlier that week I had arranged in a phone call a time to ‘skype in’ for the Birthday Party!  (Yes, I can be sneaky at times!)…

She was heading to do some volunteer work where my brother works…so I went with her and Samuel to surprise Jamie!  He was also shocked… after a quick talk, the afterschool program was going to start soon so they had to go to a meeting… Samuel and I walked back to his house… many photos were taken… and conversation was had….(Benjamin was sleeping… so Samuel and I had some quality time together—I stayed til Benjamin got up, but left soon after because it was dinner time!)

We discovered “blow-ies” or the “white-ones” as Samuel calls him…. and we took some time to BLOW a few…(although Samuel ended up taking them off with his fingers…..)

B&W Photo of boy blowing on a dandylion

Samuel is going to JK (Junior Kindergarten) next fall…. that week he had gone to ‘visit’ his new school.. and got a kit full of lots of ‘wonderful’ things… paper, and letters, numbers, books etc…  So we practiced writing letters… Samuel can spell his name!! (Proud Aunt and ECE!) had to take a photo of his ‘works’ in progress!!! (you can see some ‘S’s’ and some ‘A’s’…)

working on printing

It was very hot, so we went to the back step to have a break and drink some water…. Samuel doesn’t like his water ‘cold’ so left in the sun to warm up, I do like my water ‘cold’ so drank it right away.  We couldn’t play in the backyard, because there is some ‘new’ grass growing…. but we sat and talked… and Samuel would point at something and say “take a picture, Aunt Sarah” so I’d take a picture… and we’d look at it together!
bare feet... big and little
Here’s the grass… Samuel was really excited when he said “look… under that straw, the green, it’s the grass it’s growing!”
grass covered in hay
…Samuel and I also looked at clouds and talked about what they looked like… Samuel thought that this one looked like a ‘Sea Horse” I thought it looked like the “letter E”….
cloud photo
But most of all we sat and spent the time with some looking, listening and talking!
boy sitting in back yard
This was one excited Aunt…. and in that moment I smiled, and remembered to add it to my memory bank of precious memories!

Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!!!

On this day two years ago I became an AUNT for a second time!! 🙂
Baby sleeping B&W
Benjamin, it was luv at first site!
newborn baby kiss!
August of 2008…during your photo shoot with Aunt Sarah!
Baby smiles
…even at a young age.. you too loved TIGGER!! (or maybe it was just the bouncing!) You see, I am a Tigger at heart!! I guess we have that in common! Taken March 2009 before I moved to Nunavut!
baby in a tigger jolly jumper
…your hat is so cute! Taken on your 1st Birthday! It seems like yesterday I was at your first birthday…(links are posts from my Newbie blog last year!)
Baby eating cake!
December 2009…
baby in B&w
I can’t believe how much you have grown…I can’t wait to see you as you grow even more!
Aunt Sarah and Benjamin
Hope you have a FANTASTIC Birthday!!!
Lots of Luv,
Aunt Sarah

…ice cream, bridges, and sunshine!

All day I had been thinking about ice cream… so it was the treat ‘before’ we started shooting photos tonight!  Mmmmm Mint-Chocolate Chip Goodness!

ice cream cone

Tonight we started out at the Forks… it was such an amazing night… wasn’t too hot, or too cold… breezy but a warm breeze that makes smile!  Tonight was the perfect nite to be out.. enjoying the sunshine…I put on a bit of sunscreen and then off we went!
There were tons of people around the Forks, kids, babies, dogs, bikers, walkers, and strollers oh my!
Some teens just can’t help themselves by climbing things! (there are a lot of things that are awesome to climb on around here!)
Parkour kids working out.
I shot a few shots of the leaves on the trees…
green tree branchesroof + tree + sunshine
…heaps of fun at this awesome water wall feature.
water feature- drop
…no stopping on benches tonight.. as we were on the move. (but do you see what I see on the right side of the photo?)
green space being used!
…Yes, this guy brought his OWN hammock to the park…how awesome is that? he also had a ‘boom-box’ and was chill’n to the music!  (how come I haven’t thought to take do that in a park?!?!)
L’Esplanade Riel walking bridge is pretty cool…
Esplande Bridge near the Forkslooking up on the bridge bicyclists riding across the bridge
Sometimes you just have to skip across a bridge!! (thanks Ryan for taking this shot!)
skipping across the bridge new favourite self-portrait!!! (yes, that crop was done in the photo taking!)

B&W self portrait

Hope everyone wher ever you might be reading from is enjoying whatever kind of weather you are having!!

P.S. feel free to comment… I’d love to know I HAVE readers!! Comments are COOL! (thanks for everyone that has recently been commenting!)

..the end to a perfect weekend!


One of the things I love the most about my apartment, is how I have a view of the sunsets… I still need to get some chairs that are ‘small’ but comfy and a table for my balcony..any suggestions of what I can look!?
After spending the day cleaning, organizing, dusting, and doing laundry…(all in prep for my friends coming over to watch the survivor finale!)
 I was relaxing with friends (watching the survivor finale) and happened to look out the window to see THIS! 
(yes, I stopped watching my TV and went to shoot these two photos…)
…Today was the first day I’ve felt like my place was a ‘home’, yes I still have three boxes left to unpack in the corner of my dining room, a bookshelf, a desk/table, and some bedside side tables…some art to get framed to put on my walls, BUT it’s HOME, and I have what I need to make it comfy! and I got to share it with two friends…from Winnipeg, which makes it even sweeter! it’s been 4 1/2 months…Winnipeg you are starting to feel like home, mind you it hasn’t been an easy road, and their still might be some hills to push up and get over!  Slowly but surely I’ll make this statement true, Winnipeg is my home for now!
Even though at times my iPod randomly plays on the speaker, and other crazy stuff sometimes happens…it’s MY home and I’m staying, the rest of that stuff.. BE GONE, I don’t like your kind here at MY HOUSE!!!
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