Rain, Rain, on my face…

…hasn’t stopped raining for days!

(Some of you might remember that song from Jars of Clay it was quite catchy from my days as when I was a teenager going to youth group…)

Today it is quite fitting it seems like there’s been a GIANT rain cloud over Winnipeg for the last few days… on Saturday there was 100mm that dropped in Winnipeg… some people’s basements are flooded, my roof decided to leak in my building, the flood-way gates were open around the city to try to divert water to around the city.. and apparently this is an odd case… because normally this only happens during the spring ‘run’ off/melt!

Doesn’t really help one be happy spring is here…with all of this rain and grey skies! But to try to feel a bit better I took these photos out on my balcony… Enjoy!

Rain Drops on balcony railingFoggy outlook from my balcony

Rain drops on balcony railing...

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