Kinmount shoe trees
There’s this stretch of road between Norland and Kinmount that I love to drive on… I’m not sure why… but there’s all these SHOES hanging from trees…and just sometimes I have to stop to take some photos…
Shoes hanging off trees beside road
The funny thing is these ‘caution’ signs are no where near any ‘overhead wires’…they are actually like 4 feet from the ground!
Telephone Pole with shoes on it
Apparently this tradition isn’t just for ‘shoes’ there’s a baby doll, flipper, rubber boots, you name it… it’s probably there!!
flipper and doll on side of tree
If any of my readers can answer the question of WHY? this awesome stretch of road started… I’d love to hear the story!!
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2 thoughts on “Shoes…

  1. Grama

    >Sarah I want you to know that I do follow your blog on a daily basis but I rarely make comments. This time I will as Kit and I stopped about 3 years ago to take a picture of a shoe tree just like this one (except it was only shoes) very close to Karin and Jerome's house. Maybe 5 minutes away. The shoe trees are an eye catcher.

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