Sometimes life just is a pile of poo!

Dear Birds,

I’m not sure what Milo did to piss you off.  But your actions are uncalled for, as Milo has NEVER done ANYTHING to you.

Bird Poo on car

Seriously!? If once wasn’t enough.. you had to do your buisness TWICE?! and what did you eat!? The view from the top… isn’t much prettier…
bird poo on car

I guess you didn’t care that Milo had JUST been washed at the dealership on Tuesday, 4 short days ago… I guess you decided to shit on the cleanest, and most shiny car in the lot…

Next time, dear birds, remember that Milo didn’t do anything to diserve this treatment and go poo on someone else’s car!


A very upset car owner on behalf of Milo, her car!

PS. Now I wish you could clean up your own mess, as I have to go clean that crap up!

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