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>Happy Birthday Grandma!!


I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!
It was great to spend so much time with you this summer at the cottage!!
Swimming and Chill’n and talking…
You are the BEST Grandma a girl could EVER have and I love you!
May all your dreams come true when you blow out your candles…
lots of love,

>The Forks!!


We ended up at the Forks this afternoon… we met up with my friend Ryan.. for a late lunch/early dinner! Sat on a patio and caught up… then we walked around a bit… and I had Ryan take a photo of Meg and I skipping across the bridge… It was fun times.. just ask Meg!!
At the river, I wanted to get another photo of Meg and I… but apparently she was all ‘serious’ and wouldn’t smile…. So well that meant I needed to ‘help’ her smile…. and the following photos were taken!! (thanks Ryan for capturing the moment!)
..I was saying something like “c’mon Meg.. you need to smile..” and then I tickled her… as she attempted to tickle me!
“are you smiling yet?!” the time we moved RIGHT next to the river… Meg wasn’t so serious… and I didn’t even have to ‘tickle’ her to smile! 😉
After exploring the BEST toy store ever… I decided we needed ice cream.. so that’s what we had for dinner!!!  It was soooo yummy!!! 🙂

It was a Good, Good Night!!!

In the March, I heard that the Black Eyed Peas were coming… so I talked to my office mate.. and wondered if she’d like to come, and if she knew anyone else who’d like to go?!(she knew of one other person…so I got 3 tickets)…I ordered the tickets at noon on the Saturday they first became available–and we got FLOOR tickets… now fast forward to August 18, 2010… I hadn’t realized that my cousin would be here… so sadly she couldn’t come to the concert… but we all went out for a drink before hand!

Apparently my co-worker knows the owner of the bar.. and well he gave us two shots for free!! (yummy!)
And then we went off to the MTS Centre… just in time for the ‘peas to come online… we purposely didn’t go to see “T-Pain” I think the reason is self-explanatory… (i really don’t know who that is and at the time drinks sounded better!?!)
The floor was awesome… I was using my ‘old’ digital point and shoot camera.. that I got for Christmas of ’05…and it used 3 sets of batteries during the 2 hour concert… (I was so missing my ‘big’ camera..) But I still got some good shots!! 🙂
When the ‘peas came out onto the T part of the stage.. we were pretty darn close…. I could almost reach out and touch them… (I think through the night we moved in a bit closer too!)
…at one point we were all asking ourselves, “Where is the love?!…where is that love?!”
This was taken at some point in the concert!!! 🙂 (we both look HAWT because it was HOT! 😉
At one point in the concert each ‘pea.. did their own thing… and Taboo.. flew over us… on his motorcycle.. (how cool is that!?)
Fergie… struting her stuff!
Last moment of the concert… it was a ‘good, good night!’
Thanks for coming with me Andrea and Ashley… it was so much FUN!!! 🙂

Exploring the ‘peg…


Our first stop today was the English Gardens at Assinaboine Park…I was excited.. as the last time I was here.. there were few flowers… seems like summer brought more flowers!! 🙂
…the pond where there were no flowers, well now a lockness monster resides!
..mum’s house.. is looking pretty spiffy with some flowers outside!! (click HERE for that story!)
…there were BUTTERFLIES!!! (and I happened to get a shot of one!!)
Flowers…so many pretty ones to take photos of!!
I really liked these ones…
Meg really liked this one!!
We chill’d beside this pond for a bit.. and I struck up some random converstation with a cool woman and her 6month old baby!! 

I love this park! is a really beautiful place to be!
It’s always a gamble IF you will get a decent photo when you hand your camera off to a stranger…(even if you do a ‘brief’ lesson ie) put it on automatic and say “all you have to do is push the ROUND button”)…this woman was extremely anxious about it.. but agreed.. and I think she did a fantastic job!!
“reflections… on the pond”
And then we went to the ZOO!! 🙂 Meg decided to press a penny… (and apparently it didn’t work) so we went to the gift shop.. and they were able to give us one in the end… so it wasn’t a waste of our money!
There is a statue of “Winnie” the bear.. and the army guy that was from Winnipeg.. (seems like I can’t get away from that bear!)
There were lots of animals… I took a few photos… and worked at ‘focusing’ through the fences, sometimes with great success sometimes not!
We sat and watched the monkeys for awhile… they were having a blast swinging and playing in their cage…
We also saw these ‘prairie dogs’ but they were “WILD” not part of an exhibit.. and well they were pretty darn CUTE.. to see all the holes on the hill.. and they were cheeky little guys… some kids came and started to feed them bread… they liked that a lot! One came right up to Meg’s shoe….
It isn’t a zoo without peacocks running around randomly!!
Tiger 1 was talking to Tiger 2… they were in separate cages… I don’t think that they were friends!!
Tiger 2…
Tiger 1…

But Tiger 1 looks pretty happy!!!
At lunch we found the ‘worlds’ largets ketchup packets… they were simply wonderful!!! and I only used ONE!
We had an excellent day… and then headed home for some dinner…and to get ready for drinks!!
(more about that to come in the next post!!!)

Guess what ARRIVED in the MAIL!?


So, if you aren’t in the loop… you might need to read about the BACK history of me getting a Photo-ID License for Manitoba! (click HERE)… after all that crazy amount of going back to January when I first applied and 5 TEMPORARY licenses… I have my own official Manitoba License…
..and well after all that work to get the bloody thing… my pic is really is pretty crazy and not that attractive!!!Compared to my old Ontario one…in Manitoba you can’t show ‘teeth'(apparently they rejected my first photo because of that reason!)…and well in Ontario you can…or they aren’t as ‘strict’ with that rule!!
December 13, 2007

Spring of 2010

As for that prize… I think the person that guessed the closest to the actual date today… when I got my mail should win! 

Anonymous June 6, 2010 10:36 AM

Oh Sarah – What a pain! I’m going to guess August 13 – Darn bureaucrats and their red tape!
Heather… send me an email with your address.. and I’ll send you your prize!!

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