Diggin’ in the Dirt…

Today’s Agenda:

1. remove sod to create some flower beds…(done!)

..first it involved a little shovel action.. to ‘cut’ the grass into strips…
..then the next part involved some rolling action.
…then we had to digging up the grass.

..picking up the sod…(it always helps when you pick up something heavy to make a noise…)

2.  Dig footings for the ‘deck’…(done!)
Didn’t take ‘too many’ pictures… of this process… but here’s one of them filled with the quarter down…. (yep hauled many a wheelbarrow of that stuff!)… I worked with a few different people… and measured and staked out the spots for the footings.
The dirt was REALLY hard in places, partly because of the rain, partly because this ground use to be under the brick path (we removed last week)… but after I was done… I’m not sure what happened..but digging those 6 footings apparently gave me some energy.. (and apparently made me sweaty!?)

3.  Put the Beams in place on the paving stones and add joists… (done!)

…then add the cedar planks.. (oh they smelt sooooo darn good!)

4. Screwing it all together…(in Progress!)
Then someone handed me the drill… and I got went to work screwing the cedar planks in place….
..it’s been awhile since I’ve built anything… but I once I got the hang of it again, I had a lot of fun.

I stayed until the battery died… and well the other wasn’t charged yet!  (I was so tired–I didn’t take anymore photos…but I’ll keep you posted on some of the befores and afters at some point)

Because of all the rain this week.. work will probably continue next weekend as well!! It was the PERFECT way to spend a Saturday…it’s fun to see the project coming together slowly but surely!!

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