Another day at the Playground!

The past two weekends I’ve been helping out at a daycare as they ‘revamp’ their playground and turn it into a more ‘natural’ space… its been a really fun process, getting my hands dirty.. and helping with whatever grunt work that needs to be done!! (you can read about my other Saturday’s HERE and HERE!)

On Saturday the first job was to move the two ‘giant’ concrete tubes into place…

Then it was time to spread and level the base for the ‘new’ brick pathway…

 Raking it out…

The Gazebo got it’s walls again…. (it was disassembled and then reassembled in the opposite side of the playground!)…..

A close-up of the cedar shingles on the roof.. and the COOL moss that was on there!!!

There was a big pile of ‘extra’ earth that was taken away… and I had to post THIS photo for Samuel and Benjamin… (because Aunt Sarah knows how much you LOVE big TRUCKS!)

Then it was time to ‘raize the roof’…

Another job  complete… (after it was nailed down!)

Bricks were moved closer to where the ‘new’ path would take place…

On Sunday morning, my coworker Andrea txted me and asked what time and if I was going back this was at 8:45am… with with the promise of a Starbucks Hot Chocolate… I got out of bed and went back for a few more hours!

We laid some sod, and put soil in the flower beds.. and transplanted some perennials!!! (it actually was a fun job….)

Another co-work and her daughter were also there… they worked together to dig holes for the new plants!!!

And worms were found… which was WAY exciting!!!!!!!

The far left side of the playground is starting to look ready for kids!!!! (the rocks were placed in the circle on Saturday…and random piles of rocks were placed around the area…) So much fun!!! 🙂
It was another great day!  I’m so excited that I got to be a help in this process… and don’t worry there’s still more to be done… so you’ll probably be hearing more about it after thanksgiving!!
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