>Love the way you FLY!

So yesterday while I was driving to work…listening to my fave morning show in Winnipeg ( Hot 103)…with Ace Burpee, Chrissy Troy, and LTI (Loyd the Intern)….seriously they are the funniest of all morning shows… Ace played his new song for his Christmas CD..(I think in the past Ace has recorded a ‘Holiday CD’ and sold it to help out local Charities…)

… it made me LAUGH OUT LOUD while driving in Milo! By the end I was singing along to the chorus, not an unfamiliar sight…and by the time I reached work, parked and walked to my office…I couldn’t wait to look it up…and see it on YouTube for myself!!!

I hope you enjoyed it… and it put you a bit more into that ‘holiday’ frame of mind…

I can’t wait to see the other ‘songs’ on his CD!

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