Happy Valentine’s Day…


my heart and the globe… a gift from my mum that she sent to me in Australia…
and I’ve carried them around to other places all over the globe!
I received the best gift this year.. and that was having my mum come and visit me for 12 days!! It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve lived in the same province as my family… and I have come to realize that time with loved ones is precious. 
Today is a day that has become a bit commericalized… but let’s bring it back to the heart of love… spending quality time with loved ones… that’s what this day should be about! I hope everyone out there can surround themselves with the people they love today! (Whether via Skype, in the living room, or by picking up the phone… it’s all about reaching out.. and bringing those people close to you… even if you live a million miles away!)
We did exchange cards, and some chocolates… because it’s always a good day when chocolate is involved!

Happy Valentines to all my family and friends… may you have an awesome day.. and know you are loved, today.. and more importantly all the other 364 days of the year! 

Luv, Sarah
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