Happy Friday Everyone!

At work… two students introduced me to this video– it made my day, and I only wish I had this ‘routine’ back in the days of the dance party’s in Sager’s Grandma’s Basement!

I hope your Friday is a good one!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Friday Everyone!

  1. jen

    >OMG I feel like I wasted part of my life watching that, but I couldn't look away, I couldn't stop watching! DOUBLE DREAM HANDS! lol

  2. Sarah

    >at least it was only 2:47mins of your life!!! I couldn't look away either… maybe some 'Double dream hands' might help in your crazy house situations? …there's another youtube vid. of lots of people doing it from home—and you just get his voice.. but them dancing.. it's pretty funny–but then again, you might loose another few precious moments of your life if you watch them!


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