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Christmas… in August?

On my way to work this morning… I looked into the fiord and saw that another sealift barge had made its way all stealth like into Pang!  (often the ships arrive in the middle of the night, and leave under the cover of darkness too–I’m not sure why…it’s just been my random observation!)  I was excited, because I was pretty certain my food order was on this boat!

Food on a boat? You might be asking yourself… this seems very odd. So let me explain and back up a bit! Everyone knows how costly it is to live in the north–especially because of food prices!  In the summer it’s ‘sealift season’ where ships from Montreal make their way north–filled with lots of things from food, to vehicles, to large machinery, to any kind of housing supplies, furniture etc… it’s the cheapest way to get goods here, everything else you have to fly in. Even the Northern and Coop do sealift orders, to keep prices low.. but after the sealift stock runs out, then they have to fly in the goods so prices go higher.

When I knew I was coming to live here, I knew I wanted to do a Sealift order…but also knew getting to Ottawa to do all the shopping and then boxing up of it and then dropping it off at the TSC (crating company) was NOT going to happen–because I was in Winnipeg!  So I contacted I Shop 4 U and they gave me shopping lists, I filled them out(imagining how much of something I needed for a YEAR) was funny, but thanks to my friend Becky…I think I managed alright! (We will still have to see once the crate is unpacked)… they then shopped for me, boxed it and delivered it to the TSC and then from there it was delivered to the docks in Montreal and then put on the Ship.  Now that ship is sitting out in the fiord!

As I left for work after lunch I snapped this shot of the ship, you can see that the tug boats are ready to make their way across to the harbour….(this is the FIRST photo I took with my new-to-me 50-500mm lens… I took it from my back porch! Thanks Ryan..I LOVE it!!)

The thing they had to wait for was ‘high-tide’… you see Pang doesn’t YET have a deep-sea port.  Right now they are working on creating one… to make it easier for ships to unload their cargo… it’s a pretty cool project, (hence all the photos of diggers in the harbour)… they are just starting the 3rd phase of the project… and that means dredging a further out, and creating a deep enough channel so that ships like this one could make it into the port!   You can see them digging in the boat/platform closest to the beach…

The ‘office’ hadn’t come across yet, so I went back to work.  Then went back to the beach mid afternoon… and visited the ‘office’…(pictured below)… Here I found out some details… like YES, my Crate IS on this Ship… but it probably won’t be on the beach until tomorrow morning at 8am!  (depending on the tides… but they hope so by then!)

You see they have an order.. and the first deck they are off loading is ‘large pieces of machinery’.. (and some housing units)… like this gravel chipper thingy (yes, that’s the ‘correct’ term for sure!) for the gravel pit…

Then they have to offload the ‘sea-cans’… and then behind those… there’s the personal cargo–that would be ME! 🙂 I get to ‘sign off’ on my crate..bright and early… and then arrange for it to be delivered to my house…

So tomorrow will be a fun day… just like Christmas, but well only I’ll be unpacking food– Flour, Sugar, Canned tomatoes, and well of course KD as well as a few more things I’m sure!!


Wordless Wednesday II: Arriving home…

Mighty Machines…

Dear Samuel and Benjamin,

Last week when I was walking to the post office to pick up my mail… I took a few photos of the ‘mighty’ machines around the harbour!  I knew you would be in 7th HEAVEN seeing all these huge trucks!  So wanted to make a post of them… just for YOU!!! 🙂

…hope you enjoyed the photos!  I’m sure that you know all the ‘right’ names for these huge mighty machines.  I’m still learning–but think the big dump trucks are called haul trucks.

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer, having fun swimming, riding your bikes and fishing! We should have a skype date soon, and talk on the computer…your mum and dad can help set that up!

Luv, Aunt Sarah…

Workout, Northern Style!

Today I spent some time with my friend Rosemary and two of her girls! We went to church together, and then had lunch at her house.  I’m always amazed at how fast children grow, part of me I guess in denial about my own aging.  No matter what I do to stop it I am faced with the reality that kids DO grow up… and Joyce and Arlene are no exception to that rule… and have grown tons in the last 18months!  (Especially since the day I baked cookies with them… you can read about that HERE.)

After lunch Rosemary asked me if I’d like to have some exercise.  I said, “Sure, are we going for a walk…?” and she said, “Nope, wait and see…” Joyce went to get our shoes… and then Rosemary grabbed a sheet and put it on the floor and pulled out some seal skins she is preparing for kamik making. (Kamiks are seal skin boots…) Here is a picture of Rosemary’s Kamiks… the one on the Left is made from Seal and the one on the right is made from Caribou.  Her Grandma made them for her.  They are GORGEOUS!!


There are many steps in preparing skins…Rosemary told me that first you have to scrape all the blubber and fat off… then stretch the skins and dry them..  Then you have to work the skins so that they become more flexible and less stiff…that’s when the workout began…Rosemary asked me to step on the skin, turning it under my feet… in doing so it was making the skin less stiff, and ready for the next step in the process.

 Disclaimer: (I am no expert in the process of preparing seal skins. Within my descriptions… I might be missing or have mixed up steps. I’m just telling you the story of MY experience!)

Arlene…is such a cutie…and loves to ‘ham’ it up for the camera! But also is a great seal skin stomper too…

Once and awhile, you need to stop your ‘stomping’ and then shake out the skins… and put them back down so you can begin the process again!  (I’m not sure why my face looks so upset in the photo on the right–this was really fun…but also started a good ‘sweat’ happening!)

Two sets of feet, are better than one! 

Rosemary…checked out her two furs to see if they were ready for the next step… she had started the ‘stomping’ earlier on in the week.  They were done!  So she unstitched them and set them aside for the next step, which I think is to wash them–then the skins have to go through a few more steps.. I think they have to be stretched/scraped more and something else!  You can see the difference in the way Rosemary’s bundle looks on the left, and the bundle I was working with on the right—Thanks for sharing with me how to prepare skins, I can’t wait to learn more!   It was a great ‘workout’ and wonderful visit… we will have to do this again soon!!



Wordless Wednesday I: Why I like doing dishes now…

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