First day of Fall- Arctic Style!

…snow, snow and more snow! A few photos because my friend Sarah H. commented on Facebook that she wouldn’t believe it was snowing until I posted the proof.  Because I still wasn’t feeling well I stuck close to my house, and snapped these photos… Normally you see the Pang Pass in this direction, today it was a wall of white–snow!  You can barely make out Mt. Duval in this photo… I know the morning flights were cancelled…but think I heard a plane tonight (dont’ know if it landed though!) I’m not sure if this snow will be here to stay… or if it will be gone… a quick look at the weather forecast says it looks like it will be 5C tomorrow, so probably will be gone! Morena and her boys went out to build some snowmen earlier today before it got REALLY wet out…  looks like they had a lot of fun…you can see her photos HERE!

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