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30 Day Challenge: Day 21, 22 & 23

Day 21: Faceless self-portrait…

After I took this photo I looked at it and couldn’t believe how long my hair has gotten!  I suppose that’s what happens when the last time you cut it was at the very beginning of July! I have a few more months until I had south and find a hair dresser in the Tdot to cut it…

Day 22: Hands…

Little hands are always so busy… moving and grabbing things… ready to give a high-five…and then dig into food in the next moment!

I decided to share this other photo… it’s one I took in September of 2003, during a spring hike in the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia.  I had been hiking with my friend and her two daughters who were 5 and 3… I saw the branch and took 3 photos with my SLR (which was film)… the first photo was just of the gum tree branch, the next was of her youngest daughter holding the branch, and then the final photo was this one.  It’s one of my favourite photos I’ve taken!

Day 23: Sunflare… 

Well today it looked like THIS all day long….

…lots of snow (at times I didn’t even get to see those houses on the other side of the river!) Because I didn’t see the sun… I looked back in my photos and found one that had a bunch of sun in it… if it’s a sunflare or not that’s for you to judge!

Pangnirtung Fiord- April 4, 2009

I can’t believe that there’s only 7 days left to take photos!  Remember the list of other people participating can be found HERE!


Hockey Night in Pangnirtung…

Last night, I happened to see this game that was being played… brings back memories of road hockey games with my brothers!

Tonight I have a feeling everyone is inside watching Hockey Night in Canada like me…the weather outside isn’t good for hockey.  It’s been a windy, blustery day–gusting quite a bit, I’m glad I’m safe inside my house!


Fudge for loneliness…

One of the great things about this 30 Day Photography Challenge is getting to lurk and find new blogs to read… that’s how I stumbled across “Oh, for the Love of the Blog“… Natalie moved from her home in the United States to Costa Rica for work.  One of her friends gave her an AMAZING ‘Fudge for loneliness’ recipe…you can find the recipe HERE!

I was surfing blogs on my lunch and found out how EASY making fudge was… and that I had all the ingredients…and well it was history! (I actually stopped everything to make it–perhaps I might have a chocolate addiction, but that’s another story!?) I didn’t take photos of making fudge that day… but did take some the next time I made it!  (ok-so it’s only been 6 days…but I did share the first batch, honest!)

It’s as easy as 1-2-3… why have I never realized how simple it was to create fudge? 

First you need the chocolate chips…

…this is what chocolate chippets look like after they have arrived on a sealift! (I think they melted or something on the way up..they taste the same, but aren’t their normal dark brown colour–go figure?!)

Then you carefully microwave–don’t want to burn the chocolate… stirring is key to help ‘melt’ chocolate quicker!

Then you add the other stuff you need (if you need to see what click on the recipe HERE!)… mixing it all together! As I was making this I was thinking my friend Amanda would not how to do this ‘more’ professionally… after all she use to work in a REAL CHOCOLATE factory, and makes the BEST truffles and other yummy chocolate inventions!!! 

I have the PERFECT square tupperware container to pour the fudge into… (I lined it with waxed paper).. and popped it in the fridge to harden…. (all you need to do is cut it up and share with friends…) 
The best part of the recipe “Pour into your little pyrex and let it harden. Then eat it all.”  So I didn’t really eat it all… I didn’t even bite it–honest!  

Its been a busy month at work, settling into my house…and catching my breath… I’ve had a lot of change in the last 4months!  It seems like I was finally settled in Winnipeg when I moved again… (I was there for 18months)… I really don’t want to move for a LONG time… vacation/trips are ok in my books but moving… no thank you for a long time!!! It seems like time has been flying as I’ve been finding my feet after the adjustment from the move…(it’s already the end of October?!)

I’ve managed to unpack all my belongings, put stuff up on the walls and make my house a home!  (I’ll take some photos this weekend and them then!).  The only thing I can’t find is the Mac adapter to hook up my MacBook to the TV via an HDMI cord… I’ll have to search one or two more places again, if I can’t find it I might just order a new one!

What else is new? Winter has arrived and I think it’s staying!  It’s been snowing off and on all week… I’m ok with this!  The other news is the Dark season is setting in…we are loosing 8mins of daylight a day.  I must admit, it’s kind of a downer–I have really noticed how it’s affecting me!  I think the transition is the hardest… I’m walking home from work after the sun has set (at 5pm)!   Once it’s transitioned a bit more, so that it’s more dark–I think I’ll be alright!

In the meantime I have friends and fudge to keep me company… Thanks again Natalie for sharing the recipe on your blog!

(I have a feeling that this new ‘fudge’ addiction might not be so great on my new fitness goals…but that’s a story for another time!)

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20

Day 16: Long Exposure…

Its been a long week!  I’m upset that on Sunday night I didn’t go out and try to catch the northern lights..because they were dancing like crazy!  Instead I tossed and turned trying to sleep…but I didn’t ’til 3am! (Lesson learned I should have gone out to shoot the lights!)  I decided to share my favourite shot from December of 2009 one of my last nights living here…the lights came out and danced for a long time!  More of the photos from that night can be found HERE.

December 20, 2009- Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Day 17: Technology…

Living so far away from family at the top of the world… I am so glad that there is technology.  But I’m also glad for some old fashion things like pen & paper, envelopes & stamps…because something even sweeter in the world is after a 20min walk to the post office…a LETTER waiting for you, when you open up that post office box!

Day 18: Your Shoes…

All this week I’ve been sporting my fantastic rubber boots…they are quite the fashion statement!  But so easy to put on and take off…and they don’t leak!

Day 19: Something orange… 

Mmmmm Mango Nectar… so GOOD! I’m so glad I got this on my sealift food order! And well how can you go wrong with a Tigger glass?

Day 20: Bokeh

If you want to learn more about Bokeh you can check out some information HERE.  One of the things I love about living in the north is the amazing artists that can create amazing jewelery out of ivory from tusks and other natural materials.  Let me tell you, my earring collection grew in 2009…and it’s still not complete!  The earrings are Inukshuks and the necklace is an Ulu (woman’s knife).

I wasn’t 100% happy with the Bokeh in the photo above… so wanted to include one of my all time favourite photos that I took last December.  It’s of a friend’s daughter’s toes…I was holding her..and just gently grabbed her foot and snapped the photo with my other hand!

December 2010--Stella's Foot

So those were my last 5 days… I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already the 20th of October!  (is it just me, or has this month FLOWN by?) 10 more days…the best is still yet to come!   Why don’t you have a look at the other participants from the challenge…you can find the list HERE.

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