At the End of the Road…

Last night I braved the cold temperatures, with some friends…and headed down to the end of the road.  We were in search of the Northern Lights.  Markus and Mike also came prepared to do some light painting…some of the things used last night were glow sticks, head-lamps, battery operated Christmas lights and even an off camera flash to ‘freeze’ ourselves in the photos!

I had fun taking a photos, but also being a model…and even ended up practicing painting my name in a photo!  All of those photos were taken by Markus and are on his camera.  They looked awesome in his camera, but can’t wait to see them.

I’m going to share with you some of my favourite photos that I took from last night.  My absolute fav was the LAST photo I took before we came back to town.  I had my camera on a 10second timer…just so I could get in the frame. Then stood with a glow stick in each hand and made circles…first at my sides, and then over my head–then put them together in one hand and made a HUGE circle.  While I was doing this.. I had Markus and Mike directing me…and I’m loving the result for my FIRST attempt at light painting with glow sticks!

The lights were out, but the stars really stole the show! 

Aaron and Mike were walking down the road with their lights…(to get in position for their light painting) as I was taking this photo.  But I really liked the random lights streaking through the photo!  

Here’s another shot of the northern lights as they dance over the lights from Pangnirtung.  

It was a fun night.  I managed to ‘remember’ what settings to use on my camera–even though I checked in about them! I also learned how to set the ‘white-balance’ on my camera.

Thanks for the invite.  It was great shooting with you guys again. Every time I learn so much, thanks for being willing to answer my questions.

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