Another Great Canadian Blog Bash (#TGCBB) Giveaway!!!

I’m really excited, in just 10 more days I get to go see my friend Lisa!  I just realized it’s been TWO YEARS since we have seen each other in person.  Have no fear with the help of online social networking…blogs, Facebook, Skype, MSN and email… we do keep in touch really regularly!! That’s one of the great things about living so far north, technology makes it so much easier to stay connected!

Lisa authors a blog found at Learning Titus 2… told me all about the Great Canadian Blogging Bash.

 Lisa is hosting a giveaway for the Great Canadian Blog Bash with a little help from me! Ever want to have a photo of own of my images on your own walls at home? Here’s your chance.  I have donated a 12×18 print of ONE of my Photos from Nunavut. Lisa picked choose three photos I have taken that were her favourites and now is offering you a chance to win ONE of them!

 Head over to Learning Titus 2 to enter!


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