Long-Weekend Boating

Friday I found out that two friends were heading into Auyuittuq National Park to do some camping over the long weekend.  The entrance is located just outside of Pang…a short boat ride up of about an hour up the fjord! I talked to Peter Kilabuk who runs an outfitting company PEO Services.  He was dropping of my friends for their camping trip.  I asked him if I could ‘tag-along’ in the boat.  He agreed… so off I went for an evening of boating-a perfect start to the Canada long weekend!

Sweeping glaciers and polar sea ice meet jagged granite mountains in Auyuittuq National Park of Canada. Established in 1976, Auyuittuq – an Inuktitut word meaning “land that never melts” – protects 19,089 km 2 of glacier-scoured terrain. Located in the eastern Arctic, on southern Baffin Island, the park includes the highest peaks of the Canadian Shield, the Penny Ice Cap, marine shorelines along coastal fiords, and Akshayuk Pass, a traditional travel corridor used by the Inuit for thousands of years. Whether you wish to climb Auyuittuq’s rugged peaks, ski on its pristine icefields, or hike the scenic Akshayuk Pass, this park offers unique opportunities to experience the beauty and majesty of the Arctic. {Source}

I visited Auyuittuq National Park when I lived in Pang in 2009… (click on the link to see photos from that trip…Arctic Circle and Crater Lake).  I was excited to see it NOT covered in snow, it was a perfect evening to head out.  We left Pang around 7:30-8ish.

The sky was so pretty… with a few clouds! The landscape here with the mountains is just so stunning.  Every time I go out, I can’t seem to capture enough of their jagged peaks! 

A bit of B&W action!  (ps. there were TWO of those 115 motors on this boat!!!) 

Along the way to the park Peter stopped to tell us various stories and history about the area.  This was Peter’s favourite spot.  Can you see the 5 Mountain Peaks in the photo?   Caribou use to be very prevalent around Pang…this was a great spot to find them.  Peter said, if there were lots of tracks heading up the river.  It was a happy time, the 5 mountains created a ‘bowl’ and the caribou couldn’t escape, and that meant lots of food to eat!

It’s amazing how fast the tundra can come alive..and GREEN after being covered under snow and ice!

Below is a photo of a small cabin known as the ‘Hudson’s Bay Cabin’.  Peter’s parents stayed here in their first years of their marriage. (I’m guessing in the 40s/50s?). The Cabin is about 8X10..very small.  It was built by the Hudson’s Bay Cabin to help encourage Inuit to hunt/trap fox.  Peter’s dad had trap lines…along the ridge of the mountain and in the area. It’s amazing that it still is standing today, but not surprising as the Arctic really is a cold desert! 

 We reached the end of the fjord..and the entrance to the Park.  We dropped off my friends on the left side of the fjord.  I can’t wait to hear about their adventures and camping stories!  I must admit when the boat pulled away I was a bit envious.  I need to get some gear so I can camp!

I love this photo…because I think it captures how HUGE the landscapes are… I find it’s so hard to gauge in a photo, because we have no trees…or other ‘reference’ points that a mountain scape in the south would have.  People put it into perspective though! 

Just after I snapped this photo… a HUGE thunder happened.  We looked on the other side of the fjord-rock slide! 

Clouds of dust still coming up… about 15-20mins later.  (we had to go pick up some day hikers on the RIGHT side of the fjord!) 

Overlord the mountain that marks the official entrance to the park! 

Random Fact about this photo:  Slightly geeky moment… I didn’t realize I had TWO different mittens on until after I got home and looked at my photos.  Yes, they are both ‘Hudson’s Bay Olympic mittens’…one from Vancouver 2010 and one from Winter 2011! At least I picked two opposite hands AND they are my “CANADA” mittens, so seems appropriate!


Just before getting back into the Pang Harbour… I snapped this photo. I love how the sun is setting…and there is random spray from the boat at the bottom!  This photo was taken about 10:15pm (ish)! 

Thanks Peter for sharing your stories and knowledge…it was great boating with you tonight.

I’ve had so much fun already this long weekend.  My wish is that everyone enjoys their long weekend!  Sending heaps of love to my family at my cottage in Haliburton Lake have a blast and…next weekend I’ll be with you!!!

I have a few more adventures planned for this weekend… stay tuned for more updates!

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10 thoughts on “Long-Weekend Boating

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      Thanks Jen… I was pretty excited to get that shot. Think MOVING boat, camera strapped around my hand, resting on edge of metal boat…bending down.. and clicking!

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  2. Keenan Haga

    Love these pics Sarah. In particular spatial perspective shots of mountains against people forms. fjord rock slide — WOW…amazing. you continue to inspire! I snagged a free bus ride with Ro to a mountain drop-off point after reading your tag-along boat ride post. LOL>

  3. joywalker57

    Thanks for telling me about this post. I missed it. I read the one of your knitting and love the shots from Duval. I also love your stories about Victoria. You sound like you are having an amazing time away. I am so overdue for a trip out. Soon. I’m booked for August 10 but might head out earlier so not sure if I will see you or not before I go.

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