Ferry from Victoria to Vancouver…& exploring downtown Vancouver

After my time in Victoria… exploring the inner harbour, going for random walks, exploring the legislative buildings, going whale watching, exploring Butchart Gardens... I jumped on a ferry to head to Vancouver.

The trip went by so fast.  I think it was an 1 1/2-2 hour ride? But it seemed like a quick ride, I must admit I did wander/explore …didn’t really sit for the whole trip!

(the guy holding that ‘tree’… was the person giving a “nature” talk, never did learn about it…because I didn’t go to the nature talk!)

The view from my hotel room… in New Westminster.

After all my work/conference stuff had been finished I was able to head downtown with my friend Ryan.  Ryan use to live in Winnipeg (that’s where we first met)…he moved out to Vancouver about 2months before I left Winnipeg in 2011.  Ryan and I use to meet about once a week to take photos and have dinner! It was so awesome to meet up with him and explore downtown Vancouver.

We went to the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I wasn’t sure I’d get Ryan in there, but he went along with the it, and then fell in love with “Girl with Bangs by Picasso (1902)”.  I loved this exhibit:  “Collecting Matisse and Modern Maters: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore”. It felt great to be able to explore an Art Gallery again!

Ryan and I did quite a bit of walking… we got off the sky train at Granville Station…went to breakfast (mmmmm crepes!) and then headed off to explore the Art Gallery.  Then we walked down Granville Ave to the Granville Island Market.  Along the way, there were some cool shots we both stopped to get.  It’s fun to be with another ‘photographer’…they dont’ mind if you stop to take a crazy amount of photos (because they are too!) 

It was awesome to walk over the bridge… that thing went on and on forever!

Can’t take the kid out of Ryan!  He had to meet Cookie Monster… and drive the tug boat…

Here are some views from Granville Island… My MB Mum introduced me to Rogers Chocolates when we went to Gimli… I did stop in this shop to get just a taste of goodness. (But I decided to save it for the following day…)

There was a cool outdoor ‘art exhibit’ called “Re-Vision”. The idea is that the artists make their sculptures by recycling-creating Art!   … (the glasses and nose in the photo above are part of it)… I really loved each piece… the following ones were my favourites! (the one of the photo of the face…was individual match books, I didn’t realize that it made a face until after I took the photo…it’s so brilliant!)

After wrapping up our time at Granville Island Ryan and I took a bus to the edge of Gas Town… I got to see the ‘steam clock’, visit the Inuit Art Gallery and pop into a bunch of other shops…

Photo Taken By: Ryan Bealer

Ryan and I didn’t let the off and on rain get us down… we just kept on walking and exploring! 

This was the one of the last photos I took that day!

We left Gas Town and headed north to China Town…and I got a tour of the East-end of Vancouver.  We kept on walking to the Main Street/Science World Sky Train Station… it was a lot of walking, but was an awesome day! Ryan and I ended this epic day back in New West with an amazing dinner at the Keg, which was discounted because of a coupon we received from the Art Gallery (double bonus!!)

It was so much fun to chill out with Ryan again.  Have no fear though, our exploring Vancouver has just begun! We had one more day to hang out before I jumped on a plane back east.


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