Sometimes, Taking the Wrong Street is the BEST choice!

On Friday, after my tour of the legislature buildings…on the way to grab some fish and chips, I got caught in the rain.  I love that smell that comes just before it pours.  It was funny, people were screaming in the streets…running, rushing to find cover–putting maps & papers over their heads.  I just decided to keep walking…it was a warm rain and let’s face it I was hungry and only 2 blocks from food!

After lunch it cleared up, sunny again… so I decided to go ahead with my plan to head to Beacon’s Park.  I looked at my map…and decided to walk along Government St (thinking the park would be on my left at some point, and I’d slowly wander down to the ocean and the Zero marker of the Trans-Canada Highway).  Well if you know Victoria…Government St. is NOT the street beside the park, but it is parallel to Douglas Street. (the one I should have been on.)

It was a great walk through a nice residential area.  I came across “Emily Carr’s House”.  (Please note the statue of Emily Carr is actually beside the Empress Hotel). Emily Carr is one of the Group of Seven artists.  For more information about Emily you can visit HERE.

At this point, I realized I was on the wrong street… but decided to continue on my trip down Government St. until I met up with Dallas Rd.  The views from Dallas Rd. were amazing!

After walking along to the corner of Dallas and Douglas… I found came across the Zero Marker of the Trans-Canada Highway!  Luckily a group of Asian Tourists were there, all taking photos…and were able to get a shot of me!

At this point…I ventured off the sidewalk following the road… and into this path.  I felt like a kid exploring a secret garden, the trees were grown up and you couldn’t see on either side of the path.  But once and awhile, there was a smaller trail that lead out to a bench that sat just above the ocean on the cliffs.  I sat there for awhile, looking out onto the ocean, hearing the thunder in the distance (while it was sunny and gorgeous where I was.) It was a perfect spot to have a moment and take in all the beauty around me.


I continued on my walk…not really sure how to get into Beacon’s Park…but found this sign, so thought that this was it!

Then I looked across the road and saw a trail that lead through tall grasses to the top.  When I got to the top there were two men sitting at the top enjoying the view.  I asked them about how to get back to the city, (thinking I couldn’t possibly find the park). The younger man directed me over to Douglas St.. a more ‘direct’ route.  But the older man looked at me and told me how to get into the park… just follow the trail to the ‘right’ of where they were sitting…and it would take me into the park.  He felt it was a much better route, so I took his advice…and had a fabulous walk back to my hotel!

Inside the park…I found this HUGE tree!  Of course heaps of children were climbing on it…looked like heaps of fun!

As I wandered through the park, there was classical music playing from an outdoor pavilion… when I came across the following 2 signs I realized that my tour of the park might be a bit ‘back-to-front’… and I had slipped into the park through the back-door entrance.  But honestly…it was one of the BEST choices I had made!

Walking back to the hotel… I stumbled upon these totem poles…

I had time to head back to my hotel…rest a bit before heading out to the University of Victoria.  My conference was hosted at U of Vic..the campus is so amazing… it seemed like every time I came into the campus there were deer and sometimes fawns grazing by the campus signs.  (But when I took the photo–of course no deer were to be seen!)

The conference was wonderful… so many amazing presenters!  Leaving my hotel on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7:30am only to return late…8pm on Saturday night and 7pm on Sunday!  It was so worth it… although it reminded my university days, sitting in a huge lecture theatre at 8:15am on a Saturday morning.  (Ok so parts of that sentence weren’t all true, I can’t remember a time I sat in a lecture theatre at 8:15am…in ANY of my Uni career…because I choose night classes, but the sitting part-well I suppose that part is more true!)

The keynote speakers were pretty amazing.  They were leaders in my field and I was so inspired by their messages.  Sunday afternoon, Dr. Carla Rinaldi the president of Reggio Children spoke. Reggio Emila is a region in Italy…where they have developed a new approach to early learning.

Looking at this complex system of education is fascinating and challenging. It invites us, as teachers, to see the possibilities of what can be, if we are willing to take risks and let go of our traditional roles. {source}

Dr. Rinaldi had such thought provoking things to say…that left me thinking and questioning.  But I suppose that was her intention, to create a dialogue and to really learn the power of the pedagogy of listening…how teachers need to use documentation to help listen to the child, so they know what to teach.  She spoke how it is ok for the teacher not to know all the answers…but together with the children in their care they can become researchers and search out the answers, creating new understandings…learning from each other!  I’m excited to hear her speak one more time in Vancouver before I head back to Ottawa…I don’t think I have taken that many notes since some of Prof. Surtees History lectures back at Nipissing University!

The other amazing thing was being able to connect with colleagues, professors…and make new connections.  It was great to catch up with Sue…we were co-teachers for a few classes at Red-River College!  I can’t wait to see where our paths might connect again…

I have one more day left in Victoria before heading to Vancouver… I have a bit more exploring left to do, and some fun adventures planned…but I suppose you’ll have to wait until the next blog post for those updates!


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3 thoughts on “Sometimes, Taking the Wrong Street is the BEST choice!

  1. Keenan

    Purposely walking in the rain, taking the wrong road yet havin’ a ROCKSTAR day — wait, wait that’s my life Sarah. Likin’ your life spirit and today’s post. ALSO…nice pic at Mile 0 Marker. Lookin’ forward to Vancouver!

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