Berry Picking

It’s that time of the year the berries are ready to be picked!  The blueberry bushes are really low to the ground.  There are two different kinds of berries…tonight I mainly picked blueberries.  They are smaller than a ‘southern’ blueberry–but taste so good!

Last night after work…I went up Duval with two friends. It was great to get outside after being inside all day.   All day today there was heavy fog that hung above town and the mountains.  (Both flights were cancelled…) tonight it lifted over town, but still hung up in the mountains and across the fjord.

Looking at town from the other side of the river… and out towards the fjord…the fog was still lingering!

We walked up to the waterfall… and I spotted the first patch of tundra that has changed colour!  This is one of my favourite times of the year up here.

It’s hard to tell how big rocks are unless you provide a ‘point’ of reference… my friend was able to do that for me!

It was a fun night… I can’t wait to go get more berries!  I did get about 2 1/2cups of blueberries… I’ll get more next time!

I had so much fun talking, walking and picking berries tonight with my two friends… we will have to go picking again!

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2 thoughts on “Berry Picking

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …No black bears up here. Polar bears are always a possibility… there are lots of people out picking on the hills these days. Usually take a dog, bear bangers and/or a gun, and keep town in sight and you are ok.


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