Where’s my Ruby Shoes?

Last night I went to bed with the knowledge that there was an extreme wind warning for Pangnirtung.  At that point it was predicting that in the height of the storm the wind was expected to gust up to 140kms/hr.  Last fall there was a storm prediction like that…and I went to spend the night at my friend’s house downtown.  It turned out being a storm but not a ‘crazy’ storm like the fall of 2010 where roves off of houses were ripped, trucks and boats were flipped over like toys!

This morning there was still a Wind Advisory for Pang in place…but the speed of the wind gusts has been downgraded and now it was only expected to gust up to 100kms/hour.  I got a call just before 8am to tell me that work was cancelled and the building was closed.  Apparently I had slept through a lot of the ‘crazy’ wind that happened between 5 and 6am…even though my house was shaking, I slept on!

But from about 7:30am on…I was up, moving around my house…looking out windows.  Watching things blow by… like rubbermaid tubs, plastic bags, building supplies-insulation, 2x4s, full sheets of plywood picked up off a stack as if they were a deck of cards and were being shuffled. I was scared, but couldn’t stop looking out the windows…

…weather update from 10am. The wind was gusting at the highest between 9am and 10am! At one point I saw a ‘crate’ which I later figured out was a dog house coming STRAIGHT at my house… I decked and screamed… Luckily it didn’t hit any windows, but my ‘red’ light for sewage is gone.

At one point between 9 and 10am… I saw a ‘crate’ which I later figured out was a dog house coming STRAIGHT at my house… I decked and screamed… Luckily it didn’t hit any windows, but my ‘red’ light for sewage is gone.  My garbage bin also ended up being picked up and tossed on it’s side (it was nailed on my porch).

Before the storm, began about 8am there was a rainbow over the fjord and just before noon there was another.  Here’s a shot of the 2nd rainbow… I had to ‘hold’ my door…because the wind was blowing it so much as I took this shot!

..you can still see the white-caps on the fjord!

I’m glad that I’m fine, my friends are fine…and my house survived (minus the loss of a light for my water tank).  The other exciting news is that a report from CBC saw my tweet about an instagram photo I put up about the first rainbow before the storm.  They asked to post it on the CBC North Website!

Then I got an email from Nunatsiaq News…they wondered if I had any photos of the wind.  So I sent them some of the photos I took while it was ‘calm’…only gusting up to 45-55kms/hour!! They picked one and put it up on their website, below is a screen shot of it!

The only thing missing from today was me wearing a pair of ruby shoes.  Perhaps I should get a pair-at one point in the storm all I had going through my head was, “…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”  That statement is so true, there is no place like Pangnirtung…and I’m so happy I can call it my home!

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11 thoughts on “Where’s my Ruby Shoes?

  1. Jeka

    We had the crazy winds here too highest was 100km/h but they died down about 4 am ( I was kept awake all night because my house is right on the bay with no windblock) I did see your pics on the CBC and wonderd if it was you who took it … you must be the most famous Sarah in Pang!

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      Jeka-Glad you were safe in the storm! It is a fun feeling of shaking in the wind eh? I know this storm hit the south end of Baffin! Yes, it was my photo on the CBC & Nunatsiaq… I’m not sure about the famous part…

  2. Eszter

    Wow! Hard to believe that we were sleeping in our tent in Pang just a few weeks ago… we would have blown right past your window if we had stayed! Good to hear you’re ok, amazing and exciting though! ( for me at least)


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