Brass Trio from the National Arts Centre Visits Pang…

Last night I bundled up and walked to the Community Centre for a concert.  A trio of musicians were in town from Canada’s National Arts Centre in Ottawa. These three musicians are part of a Northern Tour to teach and share their love of music.  They are travelling to Pang and Rankin Inlet.

On this Saturday, October 27th in Iqaluit a concert will be performed by a 20-person orchestra from the National Arts Centre.  This concert will include traditional songs, throat-singing,  a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and pieces by two renowned Nordic composers, Edvard Grieg of Norway and Jean Sibelius of Finland.  If you are in Iqaluit that day…make sure you get a ticket to go to this once in a life-time opportunity.

National Arts Centre Pangnirtung

The concert I saw was this trio’s third concert of the day!  Steve was playing the trumpet, Julie was playing the french horn and Colin was playing the trombone…  There scheduled flight didn’t land yesterday in Pang because of cross winds…so they got an extra night in Iqaluit! (part of the true northern experience…) Today once they arrived they had a jam packed day at the schools in town.  They worked with the high school music class and did small workshops for students that were interested.  They also did two small concerts one at the elementary school and one for the high school.  You couldn’t tell that their day had been so full…. the last concert of the night was amazing!

National Arts Centre in Pangnirtung

There were so many people packed into the Community Centre.  The kids were so great…pretending to be conductors…and this group of boys slowly inched closer as the concert progressed!

National Arts Centre in Pangnirtung

Thank you Julie, Steve and Colin for visiting Pang and bringing your musical gifts! It was nice to talk with you after the concert.  Have a safe trip on your way to Rankin Inlet.

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