Capturing a Moment in Time… almost 6months old!

When I was in Iqaluit in April I had the opportunity to take some family photos for my friends Josefina, Eduardo and their son Lucas.  At the end of that post, I mentioned how I couldn’t wait to meet their new arrival.

Well it’s been almost 6months, and I finally got an opportunity to meet Baby Matias. (’s not for the lack of trying, in June weather kept me in Pang when I was going to fly to Iqaluit and then holidays and summer plans seem to not jive between us…so it was nice to finally catch up!)

I went over to have dinner with Josefina and the boys.  (Eduardo was travelling for work, so sadly didn’t see him this trip!) But after dinner I brought out my camera and took a few shots.

It was a bit of challenge for two reasons: 1. it was an inside shoot, and it was dark outside…that meant no natural light from the windows  2. big brother that was nearing the end of his day…and I had to be creative to get him in the photos.  But despite these challenges, there were quite a few ‘keepers’ in the bunch of photos I took.

Here’s your sneak peak Josefina and Eduardo…thank for letting me capture a moment in time for your family.

Baby Matias…

Big Brother Lucas…

There’s something special about seeing sibling love at any age!

One of the last shots of the night… Big Brother was already sleeping and now it was time for Baby Brother to get one last snuggle before going to his bed!

I popped a CD in the mail for you….hopefully you will get it soon!  Thanks again Josefina for the wonderful visit and dinner. Can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Iqaluit.

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