October Photography Challenge (#OctPhotoChallenge)

Welcome October!

This morning was an interesting one for me.  I saw a really good friend off at the airport.  It’s always hard to say goodbye to good friends.  But know that distance might separate friends…but it doesn’t break the friendship!

I came home from lunch to realize it was OCTOBER 1st already.  This year has FLOWN by so fast… and realized that Thanksgiving weekend is THIS weekend? Not 2 weekends away like I thought?! oops!

Because it’s October, and I’m always up for a challenge… I’m going to do NOT 1 but 2 photo-challenges this month.  It really is one thing I’m really currently enjoying immensely.

Last month I joined Fat Mum Slim on instagram and posted my photos using JUST my iPhone 3GS.  That was a lot of fun, and being new to instagram…made sure I posted photos fairly regularly.  I’ve decided to continue on and do her October Photo Challenge.  I’ll post my photos to Instagram AND twitter–then at the end of the month recap them here.

The second challenge I’ll be participating in again is hosted by Our Wired Lives.  Last year I did her Photography Challenge and it was a really fun month and the first photo-prompt-challenge I participated in.  I ‘met’ a lot of other really cool bloggers through this process last year.  So when I saw that it was being organized again this year I had to sign up again. Make sure that you go check out the participant list for this year’s participants HERE.

If you’d like to join in… here’s the list of prompts.  Let me know where you post your photos so I can find them!  If you post to Twitter please use #OctPhotoChallenge!

For this challenge I’ll be using my Canon 50D…and be posting my photos once a week on Mondays on my blog.

To start off… here’s Day 1: Self Protrait

Loving the ‘warm’ day… currently 2C! Just standing on my back porch, yes–that is my view!  Snow in the forecast for Wednesday/Thursday…hope we get snow rather than rain!


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8 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge (#OctPhotoChallenge)

  1. MsFeistyPants

    I have been following your blog over the summer and have to say that you are a great writer, and your pictures are inspiring! Your pictures are so good that it has helped me to change my “view” when taking pics, so I thank you for the inspiration.

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