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St. Jude’s Cathedral…

This past week when I was in Iqaluit…I had the opportunity to visit the Anglican church, St. Jude’s Cathedral…also known as the Igloo Church. The original church that had been built in Iqaluit in the 1970s was burnt down in late 2005.  After the arson…the church was deemed unsafe and had to be torn down.  Slowly over the years…money was raised and the church was rebuilt…and reopened this past June.

I didn’t get a shot of the front of the church…but here’s a shot from the back!

I visited it once in August when some of the children were performing after their Music Camp. But it was full of lots of parents and children…the altar wasn’t set up.  But walking around last week it looked more like a church on the inside.

While I was walking around…someone sat down at the baby-grand piano and started to play.  It is a beautiful church.

I felt at home…all the pieces of an Anglican Church that I grew up with where present-yet, they had been changed, modified to represent a northern, Inuit population.  It was so amazing.  To see how narwhal tusks made the cross at the back of the altar, seal skin bowls were the collection plates…Natural light pours through the skylight in the middle of the church…

…and the communion rail was a kamotik on it’s side.

I hope one day to be in Iqaluit on Sunday to participate in a service here.

DIY Project Headboard

I’m a HUGE fan of watching HGTV. This last week in Iqaluit…when I had time to watch tv..that’s the station I watched! That’s because our cable package in Pang doesn’t include this channel.  I love watching home redecorating, remodelling, DIY shows.  It lets me DREAM of having a house of my own someday–where I can PAINT walls and try out all the cool DIY Projects I’ve wanted to do for years.

For awhile I’ve wanted to try my hand at making a padded headboard.  I never did before because my bed in the south has a really cool iron headboard. But my house here in Pang doesn’t have a headboard.  In June when I walked up to the top of Mt. Duval I talked about it with my friend about my wanting to make one, but was worried because I didn’t have access to all the ‘right’ supplies. (Living in a remote fly-in community sometimes has it’s down points, because there isn’t really a fully stocked hardware store.)   She encouraged me to try to make one with some ‘substitutions’!

So I decided try my hand at making one… Here’s the pictorial story of how I made my awesome new headboard for my bed…with a lot of help from friends and neighbours!

Step 1: Getting a piece of chipboard…

There is tons of plywood/chipboard around right now because it’s ‘sea-lift’ time and lots of people have unloaded their crates filled with goodies.  Usually their crates sit outside of their houses until they can get a chance to dispose of them.  (or they tear them apart to use the wood to build something new….like a shed or dog house etc).

My neighbour from across the road didn’t need any wood from his crate.  So I asked him if I could have a piece of it…and explained what I wanted to do with it.  Then a few days later on a Saturday I found myself over at his house…’pounding’ on a crowbar…to loosen the 1000s of huge staples that held the top on his crate.  Another neighbour joined in the fun… and soon the piece was freed from the crate…and then all the staples were removed.

Step 2: Cutting the piece of chipboard to the right size…

I had my neighbour help me cut the piece of chipboard into the right size.

Step 3:  Upholster the board…(add foam and material)…

This summer I was so crazy going in all different directions and I didn’t get a chance to go to a material store to get a heavier fabric to use.  So for my material…I picked up a single bed sized duvet cover at Ikea.  (If I had to do this again, I would tried to get to a material store to get a stiffer material that doesn’t stretch…but I this headboard for me isn’t a ‘forever’ thing…so it works.) I cut along the edge and opened it up into a “BIG” piece of fabric…and laid it out on my living room floor.

I was able to buy some memory foam from friends that moved from Iqaluit.  This foam is squishy…but worked alright. I cut a piece to the right  size and put it on top of the material.  (I didn’t have any spray glue…(only glue was kids white craft glue) so I didn’t spray glue the foam onto the piece of wood….this would help HOLD the foam in place. )

Then I put the piece of chipboard on top of the foam.

Then I started to staple the fabric…pulling it as tight as I could.  The 2nd time I did this…I actually got on top of the board to squish the foam to pull the material tight as I can.  (If I had to do it again, I would pick a material that doesn’t stretch as easy!)

For the corners, I folded them into a triangle… to make them as neat as possible.  And kept going around pulling the fabric and stapling!

Step 4: Hanging it on the wall…

I finished the first 3 steps by the end of August before I went to France. But in order to hang this on the wall, I needed to get some flush mount wall hanging clips. I was going to look for hanging clips when I was in Ottawa, but then discovered that everything was closed because it was Labour Day Monday!

That’s when online shopping comes into play- ‘the google’ is a great friend.  When I got back to Pang in the middle of September…I found Wall Huggers, company online in Ontario that sold the clips.  After a quick phone call, they popped them into the mail to me… then I had to wait…but when I got back from Iqaluit they had arrived in the mail! The package they sent was awesome…It was an awesome and easy package to use…the thing I loved about it was the package not only had the flesh mounts..but all the screws and wall plugs I would need too!

Today I asked Mary to help me hang the headboard on the wall.  Mary was awesome…she helped do all the measuring…and figuring out where to put the clips!  As you can see..I added another piece of plywood..because the chipboard was too thin & the screws would go through onto the other side!  I was able to hand-screw the screws in…put the plugs on the wall… ( I really need to get a drill!)

The final check… is it level? (this was hard because both sets of wood were not 100% straight…but it was good enough for me!) But Mary worked magic… It was LEVEL after the 1st try!

Here’s some BEFORE and AFTER shots…

Side Note: You can see my awesome round mirror I bought in Paris and flew home with. (…there was a street market/sale of antiques and other random items near my hotel in Paris…it happens about twice a year.  It ended up happening on the last weekend I was there.  I love going to these things…I walked past the mirror 3 times, but knew I would regret not getting it so I bought it!)

So there you have it…Project Headboard is complete!

(thanks to all my friends & neighbours that helped out…I couldn’t have done it without you!)

Wordless Wednesday XXX: View from the beach…

On Sunday Morning I was walking to church…and saw that the tides were going out. Then did a double take because there was no drilling platform sitting somewhere in the harbour.  (It’s been there since I arrived in the summer of 2011…) I spoke with one of the hunters I know that was on the beach.  He said it left at 5:30am…and that boat (pictured above) is one of the first fishing boats that has been able to ‘dock’ in the harbour.  There is still some work going on finishing it up…but the dredging is done.

The Winner is…

So on Sunday… I posted all about my three items I normally don’t buy…but decided for a treat.  You can read about that HERE. 


Thanks so much for all the ‘entries’… 15 in total.  Here is a copy of my receipt.

Yes, that’s right…

* I paid $16.49 for 2L of Dutch Chocolate Frozen Yogurt… let me tell you the first small bowl I had. Was worth EVERY penny!!

* I paid $7.49 for the ready-made-icing.  It was the easy fix…but at the same time, worked…and the person I made the cake for LOVED it!

* I paid $7.15 for a BIG bag (not costco mind you..just a regular store big size) of All Dressed Chips.  I only had a handful…then put the rest away in my cupboard.

The Grand Total with tax was… $31.49!   So not as bad as some of you had predicted…but still kind of outrageous as well.

Becky…you were the closest guess without going over with your guess of $30.  I think I have your address…but will message you and when I get back in town I’ll send your ‘prize’ in the mail.

I’m thinking at some point I might post another photo of my ‘regular’ shopping… and hold another ‘guess’ at the price.  (if that’s something you would be interested in? let me know… )


Weekly Wrap Up: Days 9-15 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

Well it’s time for my week 2 wrap up from the October Photography Challenge.  When I do these challenges I really try to take the photos on the actual day that I’m suppose to do them…but this week, that didn’t happen.  So here are my photos for Days 9-15.

Day 9: Upside Down

I’m not sure how it started…but a coworker likes to sometimes help me out and re-arrange items on my desk.  I might also help them out in this way as well.  I came into work one day last week..with my mouse taped to the top of my filing cabinet.  To me it just seemed like it was a perfect photo to represent an ‘upside’ down kind of day!!


Day 10: Favourite 

One my favourite things to do lately is have people over for dinner at my house!  This night was a sushi and pizza night.  So much fun!!!

Day 11: From Up High

Out for a walk with my friend…she was ‘up high’ on a rock… but we had walked up the hill behind my house.  So we were ‘up-high’!


Day 12: Hands

It’s that time of year, hands need to be covered with mittens.  My friend is modelling my ‘fall mittens’ which aren’t warm enough for the cold in the darkest days of winter..but just fine for the fall and late spring!


Day 13: Seat

For my ‘Fashion Photo’ I showed all the baskets of hats, mitts, scarves I have. So for this photo I wanted to show you the bench in my boot room!  A perfect spot to sit and take off your boots.. or pile up with stuff as you get ready to leave, or come home!

Day 14: Shadow

A self-portrait of me waving on a walk behind my house!

Day 15: Accomplishment

Today, I finally was able to get Milo (my car) his Nunavut ‘bling’ aka license plate…I’ve blocked out his numbers!  Milo won’t be coming north…but still needed to get a NU plate. Milo is a lucky car…this is the 3 plate since he has been now registered in 2 provinces and 1 territory…all in a 2 1/2 year time period! (I think Milo’s owner just likes to move around a bit!!!)   

The other amazing accomplishment was I was able to get a really tired, cranky baby to sleep… and enjoy some cuddles while his mum was in a meeting.  

Have a great week.  I’m in Iqaluit for a few days for a workshop/meeting… I hope to get some great photos here.  Remember on Twitter use #OctPhotoChallenge if you are posting your photos.  It’s not too late to join in, for the list of the prompts you can check out Our Wired Lives.

Check out my other weekly wrap up posts about the October Photography Challenge:

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