Weekly Wrap Up: Days 2-8 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

Well that was a fast week. Being sick at the end of last week..then a long weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving, makes a week fly by!   Here’s my photos for the first week of the challenge!

Day 2: Fashion

With the colder weather and snow hitting… here’s a shot of the shelf in my entry way.  Snow boots, hiking boots..and other random shoes..I’m not using regularly.  It’s time for rubber boots up here!  My 3 bins: (one filled with mittens/gloves; one filled with scarves; & one filled with hats…) Yes, those bins are all filled with winter accessories for just 1 person!

Day 3: Home

Here’s a shot of my house… (it’s attached to 4 other houses…) but I love my cozy little home! I do have a spare room… family & friends let me know if you’d like to come visit!!!

Day 4: Love

I do LOVE the snow…even in October…even when it will probably stay around ’til the end of May beginning of June.  Snow is awesome…and I also love my backyard.

Day 5: Sunset

The sun is starting to set so early…we are loosing daylight so fast!  The sun is setting at 5:25pm…and rising at 7am.  I was excited to get this shot… most of the day it was snowing, and you couldn’t see any of the mountains in the distance…then just before sunset, the clouds lifted a bit…to give us a glorious sunset!

Day 6: Animal

One of the many random dogs in Pang.  This one is a ‘typical’ Pang dog also known as a ‘Pang Special’…basically a dog with short legs, big body… kind of what happens when there are no vets in town to fix dogs!

Day 7: From a Distance…

So I took two photos for this prompt!  I was on a bit of walk with a friend in the afternoon… and snapped this shot of her in the distance.  (that’s the view from just behind my house up the hill!)

But then after my thanksgiving dinner… I looked up, and the Northern Lights were out…. so I took this shot of the lights, from a distance. So you get two photos for this day!

Day 8: Close-Up

Tonight was Pizza night at my house!  Nothing like a group of friend getting together to make pizza. Just need to start the pizza dough lots earlier!!!!  I decided to take a ‘close-up’ photo of the ‘meat lovers’ pizza…

I’ll post the next week’s photos next Monday!

Have a great week… remember on Twitter use #OctPhotoChallenge.  It’s not too late to join in, for the list of the prompts you can check out Our Wired Lives or my Day 1 Post here!


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up: Days 2-8 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

  1. Stephanie

    ohmygosh. Your photos are amazing. You’re obviously up North? Happy Thanksgiving (I’m Canadian too). Your blog is so cool. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your challenge photos!

  2. Hemborgwife

    Those were great, not surprised though!! I love your bins at the door we need to get something like that because now the scarves are always getting caught in the coat hangers!

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      ..the bins help so much with the organization of my winter stuff! They sit on a shelf that’s above my coat hooks in my ‘boot’ room or entrance… (its a tiny room, that helps stop the cold from coming all the way into my house…)

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