Weekly Wrap Up: Days 23-29 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

…only 2 days left in the challenge!  Here are my last week’s photos…

Day 23: Dark 

This photo was taken last Tuesday, October 23rd just after 5pm when I got home from work! …that day the sun rose at 7:48am and set at 4:27pm.  It’s that time of year that it’s starting get noticeable how short the days are becoming.  (today the sun rose at 8:09am and will set at 4:04pm…that’s only a week’s difference!)

sunset in the Arctic

Day 24: Black & White

A new seal skin being stretched…one of the many uses can be to make new clothing- mittens, kamiks etc!

seal skin stretching...

Day 25: Bright

On Thursday…despite the cold and snow…inside the elementary school there was a feeling of brightness!  There was an inuktitut dance…it was so much fun…dancing for all ages. Simeonie’s band was awesome…fiddles, drums, bass, guitar, accordion and even the bones (kind of like spoons). Two musicians from Nova Scotia who had been at the school giving music workshops joined in the fun as well as two students from high school!   The whole evening brightened my day.. to be able to listen to the lively music, watch dancers young and old dance jigs and other dances…and then finally to be able to join in on one of the last dances myself (…even though I wasn’t sure what I was doing!) It was an awesome evening…

Day 26: New

There’s been a lot of this new stuff aka snow in the last few days!  It seems to be the cycle of snow, then winds + temps over zero make it melt/blow away…then more snow.  This morning (Monday) I woke up to 10-15cms of fresh snow…on top of icy roads…it’s made walking a real experience!  All day it’s snowed off and on… I’m really hoping it STAYS, I’m ready for winter!

new snow

Day 27: Old

This view does not ever get OLD, I’m so blessed to be able to look at it every day…(well when the clouds/mist/fog/snow isn’t in the way!)

Day 28: Hard

With the snow and clouds.. it’s been a hard week to see the sun.  Very soon (sometime in mid-November)… the actual ball of the sun won’t be visible in Pang…it won’t rise past the mountains!  It’s definitely the time of year to start taking vitamin D… Usually at some point in early-mid February the sun will return and the community usually celebrates with games on the fjord!

Day 29: Hope

Today there were narwhals spotted in the fjord…there was a mad rush at the beach…hunters trying to get their boats in the water to join the hunt!  My hope is that the hunters were successful to bring back a narwhal to feed the community.

Pangnirtung Harbour

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