Weekly Wrap Up: Days 9-15 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

Well it’s time for my week 2 wrap up from the October Photography Challenge.  When I do these challenges I really try to take the photos on the actual day that I’m suppose to do them…but this week, that didn’t happen.  So here are my photos for Days 9-15.

Day 9: Upside Down

I’m not sure how it started…but a coworker likes to sometimes help me out and re-arrange items on my desk.  I might also help them out in this way as well.  I came into work one day last week..with my mouse taped to the top of my filing cabinet.  To me it just seemed like it was a perfect photo to represent an ‘upside’ down kind of day!!


Day 10: Favourite 

One my favourite things to do lately is have people over for dinner at my house!  This night was a sushi and pizza night.  So much fun!!!

Day 11: From Up High

Out for a walk with my friend…she was ‘up high’ on a rock… but we had walked up the hill behind my house.  So we were ‘up-high’!


Day 12: Hands

It’s that time of year, hands need to be covered with mittens.  My friend is modelling my ‘fall mittens’ which aren’t warm enough for the cold in the darkest days of winter..but just fine for the fall and late spring!


Day 13: Seat

For my ‘Fashion Photo’ I showed all the baskets of hats, mitts, scarves I have. So for this photo I wanted to show you the bench in my boot room!  A perfect spot to sit and take off your boots.. or pile up with stuff as you get ready to leave, or come home!

Day 14: Shadow

A self-portrait of me waving on a walk behind my house!

Day 15: Accomplishment

Today, I finally was able to get Milo (my car) his Nunavut ‘bling’ aka license plate…I’ve blocked out his numbers!  Milo won’t be coming north…but still needed to get a NU plate. Milo is a lucky car…this is the 3 plate since he has been now registered in 2 provinces and 1 territory…all in a 2 1/2 year time period! (I think Milo’s owner just likes to move around a bit!!!)   

The other amazing accomplishment was I was able to get a really tired, cranky baby to sleep… and enjoy some cuddles while his mum was in a meeting.  

Have a great week.  I’m in Iqaluit for a few days for a workshop/meeting… I hope to get some great photos here.  Remember on Twitter use #OctPhotoChallenge if you are posting your photos.  It’s not too late to join in, for the list of the prompts you can check out Our Wired Lives.

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    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …isn’t it though!? Did I mention that I stumped them when the next day his mouse was ‘taped’ to the bottom of his shelf…out of sight… he looked for his mouse for a few minutes before finding it! hehehehe


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