Friday Night Lights…

Tonight I had a group of friends over to watch the last 2 episodes of Grey’s and last episode of Walking Dead.  OMG- I am such a fan of Walking Dead!  (In the last 6weeks I’ve watched Season1, 2 and the episodes of season 3 so far…) I can’t wait until Sunday to find out who was RICK talking to on that phone?

Hmmmm now where was I? Oh yes, we finished watching…and I was saying goodbye to my friends…and saw some lights over Duval.  I told myself that I wasn’t going out, I was tired it was late (almost midnight).  But then about 15mins later I got a call from Amy and Kaitlin (my 2 friends that just left my house)…they said I NEEDED to get my tripod and head out NOW.  So I dragged out my long johns…and that is what I did!

The lights were sure dancing over Pang tonight!

aururoa borealisaurora borealis

I stood in my backyard between my house and the river and no matter which direction I looked in the sky…the lights were dancing.  It was an amazing night.  Here’s three shots of the lights over the bridge taken one after each other.  I hope you can get a sense of the movement.

aurora borelis


I wanted to try to capture some people in my shots.  This is something I have done in the past, but haven’t done in awhile.  I think this is something that I’m going to have to practice a bit more.  My friends who I shoot with and do this all the time, make it look so simple.  But I gave it a try…and here are some shots of Kaitlin and Amy standing under the lights.    

It’s tricky for many reasons:  Tonight these are the two things I was worried about. 1. Making sure the lighting of the person 100% right, not enough light-then they don’t show up; too much light…then their face is blown out over exposed. (This is done from a flashlight from behind the camera).  2Making sure your models stand REALLY STILL.  It’s a long exposure, so if they move then they are blurry.  Tonight I forgot to tell Kaitlin and Amy to hold their breath…so their shots are already a bit blurry to begin with. 

..the lights had decided to go into stealth mode…but we didn’t really notice that they had moved from behind us to behind the camera!  We were just having so much fun…!

…then ‘ghost’ Sarah decided to join in on the fun….

and then Amy and Kaitlin thought that they heard ‘walkers’ so they started running away from them!

Don’t worry…no real zombies were spotted while shooting these photos! Thanks so much Kaitlin and Amy for calling me I had a blast..and that was the perfect end to my night!


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