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A Walk in the Hood

Today I got a knock on my door just after 2:30pm and an invitation from three friends to go for a walk.  I got bundled up and headed outside.  It was a snowy afternoon there was still a bit of light, but the sun was setting as we started our walk out towards the end of the road.

Pangnirtung Walk to the End of the Road

The clouds were rolling in from Cumberland Sound…so you can just barely make out the hill behind town in this photo.  

The fiord is starting to have some ice form.

Pangnirtung walking to the end of the road

Our group stopped to do some stretching and yoga moves on the side of the road.  This was even more fun with the ice that was under all the fresh snow!

It was fun to get out of the house and get some fresh air!  Thanks for inviting me along ladies it was a fun afternoon.


I was surprised and honoured when Leah from The Daily Shot nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Leah has an amazing photography blog and I enjoyed looking at her photos from the latest October Photography Challenge.  The Liebster award is given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.
1. Each person posts 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the nominator made for you, and create 10 more questions for the blogs you nominate.
3. Choose nominations and link them to your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.

~ Self portrait taken May 2012 ~

Here are ELEVEN Random facts about me:
  • I hate wearing socks.  Currently as I type this blog post… I have no socks on, my feet might be really cold…but I haven’t gone to put on a pair of socks.  Yes, I live in the Arctic but when I’m home for the day after my boots come off so do the socks.  Only thing I hate more than socks, is wearing shoes without socks…so if I’m wearing shoes I have socks on.
  • I usually carry my camera everywhere.  I’m the one at social gatherings randomly taking shots of friends.
  • I’ve been to 4 continents, 10 countries outside my own, lived overseas for a year…in Canada I’ve lived in 2 provinces and a territory. (…and that’s all happened in the last 12 years!)
  • When I’m reading a book, I get sucked into the book and the rest of the world disappears.  Yup, I can block out all outside things and stay awake for hours until the book is finished.  This is dangerous.  This week it meant I stayed up until almost 3am finishing a book, and honestly it felt like I was only reading for a few minutes.
  • I was an extremely picky eater growing up.  My gramma use to make me ‘separate’ meals at times so I would eat.  But I grew out of this habit and totally eat anything and everything when it’s presented to me.
  • I have an addiction to reality tv…the crazier the better!  (…Biggest Looser, Amazing Race, Survivor, Bachelor, Best Housewives…to name a few)
  • I cook to live, but don’t live to cook.  That being said, I’m a pretty good cook…but I just don’t enjoy doing it.
  • I love to sing…but sing “in the key of Sarah”…haven’t heard of it? well it’s always off, and never quite right…but you can sing in this key with enthusiasm and you are all good!  (but I have a fear of karaoke..unless a heap of liquor is involved!)
  • I’m not scared of doing crazy things that might draw attention to me. My friends I’m sure have MANY stories to prove this point.  One was when I was grocery shopping for a girls night in university…Amber and I were acting so crazy (I can’t remember what we were doing exactly).  Our other friend Amanda flip-flopped between pretending not to know who we were and apologizing to other shoppers for our behaviour.  I think Amber and I were just playing a game of Marco-Polo though!
  • I have amazing spacial awareness when it comes to packing the back of a car, getting lots of items into suitcases for flying…
  • Mornings are not my friend.  It takes me awhile to wake up…communication first thing in the morning often come across to people that are awake as grunts/mumbles.   Evenings on the other hand are my friend!
My TEN Questions from Leah @ The Daily Shot are:
1. What nationality are you?
  • I’m Canadian… 6th generation on my dad’s side (Irish roots)  and 5th on my mum’s side of the family (British roots).
2. What made you live where you are now?
  • I lived in Pangnirtung, Nunavut (think North Pole, Baffin Island, Arctic Circle…) in 2009.  I moved south to Winnipeg for a year and a half then moved back to Pangnirtung in July of 2011.  When I first moved north in 2009 it was for a job and adventure. But I fell in love with the north…the community & people are awesome.  I was homesick for the north the whole time I lived in Winnipeg.  I found another job in Pang and moved back in July of 2011.  It’s an awesome adventure…and it’s a beautiful place to live.
3. Who was your first date?
  • A boy from my church growing up… when I was a teenager.  We hung out at youth group and as helpers for the little kids club.  I don’t think we officially went on any dates, but did ‘date’ for about 3 hours one day at youth group.  Ahhhh teenage love!
4. What is your absolute comfort food?
  • Tuna fish casserole… make it using my mum’s recipe.  Whenever I have felt far away from home and missing my mum I whip up a batch of this and it makes life so much better!
5. You have a job now, but would you change it for something else? If so, what?
  • I LOVE my job.  Wouldn’t change it for the world.  [it’s always been my policy since beginning to blog not to talk about my job online…so sorry folks you won’t get that info from me here!]   That being said, if circumstances presented I would love to start a small-on-the-side photography business and /or sell prints from my adventures and travels.
6. What is your most favourite song?
  • Oh…that’s a hard one.  I have a heap of favourite songs. Today it would be…

7. Who is your secret TV/Movie actor crush – one that you are too scared to admit to a friend, but it’s ok to tell all of us haha?
  • Johnny Depp and Richard Gere
8. What is the oldest item of clothing you have and can not part with?
  • I have a thin zip up hoodie that I travelled around Australia with in 2003-2004.  (I think i purchased it a few years before that…) it’s so soft, and still looks ‘almost’ new… just a bit faded.  I still wear it even though the zipper is broken.  (It still zips, but won’t separate at the bottom, so I have to put it on over my head-complex problems, but I’m not getting rid of it!)
9. If you could go on an all expenses paid holiday for 2 weeks – where would it be?
  • I would love to travel to Antarctica.  Cross the drake, see penguins, cross the Antarctic Circle, chill out at the bottom of the world….but think that this might take more than 2 weeks! But picked it because it’s a way expensive trip to go on.
10. What is your blog about, and why did you start it?
  • I first started blogging in 2009 and blogged under “Newbie in the North”.  It started as a way to keep my family up to date on my new adventures living in Nunavut.  When I left Nunavut I started blogging under Sarah on the Road…and continued to share stories and photos from my life. It’s become a fun creative outlet for me.
My TEN Questions for the nominees are:
1. Where is your happy place?
2. What is your least favourite thing to do?
3. Why did you choose to live where you are living?
4. What is your absolute comfort food?
5. If you had to pick three friends to be on your team to survive a zombie apocalypse and explain why they are on your team!
6. What is your most favourite song?
7. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
8. If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be? and why?
9. If you could go on an all expenses paid holiday for 2 weeks – where would it be?
10. When did you start blogging and why did you continue to blog?
I nominate:
Lisa is a homeschooling momma of 3…she’s been a friend for over a decade. She blogs about life and adventures of her family. 

Jeka is a fellow Nunavut blogger.  She moved to Kimmirut, Nunavut last spring and blogs about her adventures in a small town. 
She is an American married to a Swede living in Sweden.  She shares stories about her life!  I have been reading her blog for just over a year, ‘met’ her during first October Photography Challenge in 2011.  
She lives in the Yukon and blogs about her life.  Sharing stories about her two boys, sewing.  I’m excited to meet her next June when we road trip around the Yukon. 
Lily is another fellow Nunavut blogger.  She moved to Baker Lake, Nunavut during the summer.  She shares stories from her life in the north.  

Happy Birthday John…

Happy Birthday to you,



HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU!!!!

One of the things I love about you is your ablity to join in on the fun that’s going around you!

Last Christmas I wasn’t sure had more fun with the Hot Wheels Toy you gave Samuel and Benjamin…you & Jamie or the boys.

You are the life of the party.  Telling stories, making jokes and at times you might just be a bit of a teaser…but I love you all the more for it! All joking aside, you are always there for me when I need it…to listen to me and always have the words that seem to make things 100% better.

I hope you have a fantastic 2 weeks at the hunting camp…can’t wait to see you in a month when I’m on holidays in Ontario.

luv, your big sister

Trick or Treat…

In an effort to catch up on my blogging I wanted to share some photos and stories about Halloween. It’s always better late than never right? (I feel like I’m handing in a term paper a week late with this blog post.  Ahhhh the memories from my undergrad and grad school!)

It is a fun day that has many events throughout the day for the community. The Elementary and High School had costume/face painting contests in the afternoon.  For children under 5…there was a costume contest for them as well at the Community Centre in the afternoon.  I didn’t go to either of these events.

My Halloween started at 5pm!  Here in town things the Trick-or-Treaters come between 5 and 7pm… I had visits from Buzz Light Year, Scary Monsters, Vampires, Witches and more…most of these photos were taken just after 5pm. (yes, it is that dark out at that time)

A friend of mine picked me up and drove us to the High School. (…it was one of the first really ‘cold’ nights! I think it was about -10C or so + a wind chill)! The High School was the place to be after 7:30pm. The Grade 12 students turned some classrooms into a Haunted House as a fundraiser for their grad trip.  $2 was your admission, many kids went over, and over and over again!   (The Grads fundraise doing various projects throughout the year to help out with their trip.) I didn’t go into the haunted house…because I’m a bit of a whimp and my #1 fear is not of the dark, but walking-moving-around- in the dark.

Being the scardy-cat I am…I hung out in the gym, talked with my friends…watched kids play and just chilled until the Costume Costume started! For the Costume Contest there were a few different categories:  Best Costume, “Worst” Costume, Best Act, Best Man dressed up as a Lady, and Best Face Paint.

Top left: One of the teachers is “Snow White” in the Man-Dressed-like-Lady Category. Top Right: here’s a look at the Best Costumes.                 Bottom (L&R): Face Painting Category

Here’s a few selections from the “Worst” Category.  This was my favourite to watch.  The aim of this costume is to dress up as ‘crazy’ as you can…and not let anyone know who you are.  You then parade / dance around the gym as the judges score the costumes.

…here’s someone that is just a bit of an expert in Loonie-Toonie sales!

Top L&R: more costumes for the “worst” category Bottom L: a couple men strut their stuff for the Men-dressed-as-a-lady Category!

I had so much fun talking with my friend and her family.  Even got to cuddle a few cute babies, one of whom was a little Tigger!

It was an awesome night. I’m thinking next Halloween I need to put some more ‘thought’ into my costume.  I suppose I have a whole year to think about it!


Weekly Wrap Up: Days 30 & 31 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

I’ve been a bit of a lazy blogger… it’s been a busy week!  There was lots going on with Halloween and Sandy brought a snow storm to town…and I’ve also gotten sucked into a Zombie-watching-marathon…(yes, I’ve started watching Walking Dead…I still have 3 episodes to watch from Season 2..and then all 4 from Season 3…please don’t spoil it for me until I catch up!)   Life has been busy which is good…and the darkness is settling in, so that makes me want to hibernate a bit more as well.  Without any further explanations I’ll share with you my last two photos from the October Photography Challenge.

Day 30: Goal…

It was a goal of mine was to make yummy homemade soups out of random ingredients in my fridge.  In the fall of 2009, I was in Arctic Bay and stayed at Clare’s Bed & Breakfast.  Clare made the most fantastic soups for lunch.  I remember asking him for a recipe.  He said he just put random things in a pot, boiled it and added spices…but he made magic that was so incredibly yummy. I finally had the courage to attempt to make a squash/carrot soup…it took a few years, but the end result was pretty darn good!

Home made soup

Day 31: Self-Portrait… 

Here I am getting ready to hand out candy for Halloween.

I had a blast participating in this challenge.  Thanks for hosting it again this year Nellie…wonderful job!!


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