On Wednesday morning I got a lift down to the post office.  To my surprise I had a package card in my PO Box.  I wasn’t expecting any packages. (I’m trying to stop my online shopping habit.) So I was standing in the long cue in order to get my package.  I kept thinking to myself..what is it? Did I do some online shopping while I forgot about? (This could be true because sometimes it takes 4-6weeks to get packages while other times stuff comes in 2-3weeks. The point? well I can forget about stuff I’ve ordered.)  During the wait to get to the front of the line all I was thinking was, “what could it be…???”

I got the box…looked at the return address and came up with a blank.  (Didn’t recognize the last name that was on the top of the box (there wasn’t any first name..) All I saw was Colorado..and was like, do I know anyone by that name in Colorado?  When I got back into the truck I flipped the box up and looked more closely at the customs info…then all the pieces began to click together.  It was from Keenan at My Colorado Life.  This year his goal was to do a different HIKE every week… he’s almost done with only 7 hikes left!  How awesome is that.  You should go check out his stories and photo-journeys of his hikes.

I got back to work, and then had to sit and look at the box…because didn’t want to open it until I got home.


Thanks so much for your box of CHOCOLATES!! I must say Hersey from the states makes their halloween treats bigger than Hersey made in Canada! The card made me laugh…it was the best spooky halloween music EVER.

As you can see this package made me UBER happy. I was glad to have some chocolate to keep me company during the snowy afternoon since work was cancelled.  It’s fun to get things in the mail that you don’t expect.  Thanks so much Keenan.  I can’t wait to hear about your next hiking adventure.

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