Snowy Days with Friends…

I’m out in beautiful Oromocto, New Brunswick visiting friends for the next few days!  I must admit…I picked the perfect days to fly to visit friends in Oromocto, New Brunswick.  I flew from Toronto on Friday..the day after a huge snow storm that brought about 30 cms of fresh snow to New Brunswick-flights were delayed and then cancelled!  On Friday it was all systems go…and then Saturday was a gorgeous day. Today there was another dump of snow…so finally had some good luck and made it safely between the storms!  As normal I ended up falling asleep before we took off in Toronto…and woke up just as I was landing in Fredericton.

For someone who loves the snow…it is definitely a great time to visit New Brunswick! There’s something about fresh powder that is so awesome.  I totally wished I had brought down my Sorel Boots and ski pants, but a girl can improvise when she needs to (ended up wearing jeans and running shoes (with plastic bags in them to the sledding hill-hey it worked, my feet didn’t get wet, and stayed warm!)

On Saturday, we bundled up the kids and headed to the hill to do some sledding!

Sledding Photos (Dec 29) 25

There were blue, blue skies…and it was a gorgeous day. I did go down once…but was totally wishing for more appropriate winter gear.  (Again, left my snow pants in Pang…not sure what I was thinking!)

Sledding Photos (Dec 29) 3Sledding Photos (Dec 29) 13

It was such a fun outing.  This morning I woke up to a WINTER WONDERLAND.  We got another 30 cms or so of more snow!!!  It was blowing…so there were drifts that were up past my knees in some places.  After having the most awesome breakfast/brunch… we bundled up the kids again… to go outside!

Snow Day (Dec 30) 1

Everyone’s reaction to the snow was a little bit different.  Tank wasn’t sure what to think…he definitely wasn’t going out on the lawn to do his business! Snow Day (Dec 30) 6

The kids at first weren’t sure about the snow…but then the blowing winds and more snow, and walking around in all the extra winter clothes was a bit much for the youngest in the group.  But then the older boys LOVED it… diving right in and having fun shovelling and jumping into the snow drifts! Snow Day (Dec 30) 17

…if I lived here, I’d totally get a snowblower too…this snow is INSANE! (Yes, that snow is past his KNEES!)

Snow Day (Dec 30) 4Snow Day (Dec 30) 12Snow Day (Dec 30) 18

After cleaning off the stairs at the front of the house.. I joined the party in the backyard.  (It was a bit more sheltered from the wind and blowing snow…)

Snow Day (Dec 30) 29

(…on the right…that’s snow blown path in the backyard…see how deep the snow is back there?!) 

…self-portrait to show how happy I was to be out there in the snow!

Snow Day (Dec 30) 19

The rest of the days was spent playing Wii…and Hot Wheels- have you seen the Hot Wheel- wall tracks? they are way cool!  And so easy to put on a wall…why didn’t they have that when I was a kid?

Snow Day (Dec 30) 34

Hope you are having fun enjoying time with family and friends… what are some of your favourite memories in the snow?

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10 thoughts on “Snowy Days with Friends…

  1. Kara

    That snow is awesome!!!

    I love all of the pictures of Morena and the kids. Post more!

    And hot wheel wall tracks are a pain in the ass. The sticky tabs take off your paint and drywall. We have about 5 sets and Matt opted to screw them onto a sheet of plywood and screw the plywood to the wall!! ahahah I cannot wait to get rid of them.

    1. Morena

      Oh Kara!! we love them! I screwed them right to the wall and the kids are loving them. I love them cause I dont have yet another toy on my floor. Best toy ever at my house!

  2. Kara

    Oh just wait, Morena… the pieces will fall off their little holders and you will be kicking pieces down the hallway…. Can I send you all of our sets??? ahahhaha

  3. Stephanie

    Wow they seem to have gotten more snow than here in Ottawa!! (and it’s still snowing here today….kinda) You sure look like you’re having a great time with family and friends visiting everywhere during your vacation! That’s awesome.

    Tank is adorable!!

  4. Keenan

    LOVE these pics! Spent New Years just south of ya in New Hampshire – lotta snow there as well…but still managed hike #52 to finish out last year’s Resolution. ALSO, LOVED Tank’s snow perspective. Nice pics. Enjoying WiFi on my flight home…then work tomorrow, ho hum. Enjoy 2013 Sarah! Bests!

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