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Birthday Thoughts…

Today is my Birthday…but I feel like I’ve been on an 11-day-celebration-tour! Before I left Pang earlier this month…friends of mine opened up their home and organized a party for me.  It was such a fun afternoon…it made me realize what an awesome group of friends I have in Pang.  

My friend, Daphna,  made the BEST chocolate cake EVER…and it was decorated with smarties.  Here’s something my friend didn’t know…when I was a teenager all I wanted for my birthday cakes were chocolate decorated with smarties.  Without knowing it she granted that birthday wish! Thanks so much for opening up your house…and planning the party for me! 🙂

During the party…I handed my camera to my friends Markus and Mike…they took heaps of awesome photos for me.  But there were a few fun ones too I discovered! Thanks for capturing some of the fun moments from the afternoon. 

I brought an old phone book, dice and prizes for some games… I didn’t get any photos of that.  But games are always a fun celebration!  The other thing that happened is that many people exchanged Christmas Cookies too!  The best part was just being able to be surrounded by my northern friends…who have become my northern family!

My friends daughter helped me blow out the candles…

My Birthday wish? well if I posted it here on the internets…it might not come true.  But I’ll tell you one thing I’m looking forward to another amazing year and all the new adventures that might come my way!

Wordless Wednesday XXXII: Sunset in Toronto…

Today I was able to watch the sunset off my brother and sister-in-law’s balcony.  They have a gorgeous view of Toronto’s downtown.

My time in Toronto has been amazing. But It is drawing to a close for now, as I head to my mum’s tomorrow.  I’ve gotten to connect with so many friends, but as always I wished I had more time to spend with friends that live here in the city.

Just walking around ‘The Hill’…

On Thursday I flew south to Ottawa.  I spent 2 nights there re-charging my batteries before heading to Toronto this morning.  Yesterday, I had an amazingly fun day!  I met up with a friend for brunch…then we walked in the market, window shopping…and up to Parliament Hill! It was a great day.  I also had my first ‘beavertail’…yep, it was yummy…cinnamon + suga goodness!!!

Here are some of the shots from my walk around Parliament Hill!

Ottawa, Parliament Hill Ottawa- Parliament Hill Ottawa, Parliament Hill

I think the library was one of my favourite buildings.  Ottawa, Parliament Hill...

Ottawa, Parliament Hill...

…I’m going to be on the road for the next few weeks.  I’ll update as much as I can.  It’s awesome to be on holidays! Can’t wait to meet up with friends from Toronto.

Happy Birthday Kat…


HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU…

Happy Birthday dear KAT..

Happy Birthday to you!

I know this year, you are in the midst of crazy exams…but those times soon will be done!

Today is your day… so ENJOY it!

I can’t wait to see you in just 2 more sleeps!

After your exams are all done, we will have to celebrate…sushi? shopping? pedicures? I’m up for all of that and more!

I’m so glad that you love my little bro so that makes you my SISTER,

because you already am my friend!

luv you, Sarah

Wordless* Wednesday XXXI: Dancing Northern Lights…

As I left work at 5pm last Friday night I had a wonderful light show on the way home.  It was the perfect way to end a crazy hectic week. It was great to see the lights dance over Mt. Duval and over my head and the rest of Pangnirtung.

aurora borealis dancing in Nunavut

As I walked to the community hall for a loonie-toonie, I quickly set up my tripod behind my house…and took these ‘quick’ snaps of the lights.  At this point they had actually started to fade!

aurora borealis dancing in Nunavut

…In the last month I’ve been so lucky to be able to see the lights dance so much.  This is one of the things I love about the dark season-the lights come out to dance more!

*well almost wordless, just had to share a few words!

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