Glimpse of Arctic Life in Southern Ontario

Before leaving London I did get a chance to head to the Children’s Museum.  It was such a fun place to go too.  I must admit I do love visiting museums.  My first degree is in history so maybe that’s part of it.  Going to children’s museums or places with inter-active displays is even more fun… I think it is my inner Early Childhood Educator that likes that part!

So later in my week I returned when the Museum was open with my Jen and her two girls and my friend Erin (sadly it was nap time so her daughter didn’t join us!)

The Children’s Museum has an awesome Arctic Room exhibit for kids to go through, explore and learn things about life in Nunavut. Jen said she remembered visiting it when she was a kid…so it’s been around for a long time in different forms.  I think the current exhibition was reopened in 2011!

Here are some of the photos from that exhibit, Enjoy!

Arctic Room at London's Children MuseumArctic Room_0009Arctic Room_0007Arctic Room_0008Arctic Room_0005Arctic Room_0004Arctic Room_0003

The little girls had fun going ‘ice-fishing’…

Arctic Room_0001Arctic Room_0002

The other ‘cool’ thing in this room was a fake seal..that you could open up and see all the insides.  On the wall above the seal was the question, “How do the Inuit use each part of the seal?” then each part inside was labelled with their name..and the usefulness of that part! it was a really cool learning resource!

Arctic Room_0006

We left the ‘Arctic Room’ and went to the other areas of the museum…. Erin and I thought we’d make great astronauts! (thanks for taking the photo Jen!)

Arctic Room_0010

Jen showed me how to take this fun selfie in a teeny-tiny mirror!

Friends + tiny mirror + camera= fun times!

It was another fun day…and nice to see a bit of my Arctic life in southern Ontario!

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4 thoughts on “Glimpse of Arctic Life in Southern Ontario

  1. Lisa Marie

    Wow – they really have updated that exhibit. I remember going when I was a kid and it involved an igloo you could go inside, some fur on the ground, the ice fishing game and a table with rubbings that you could use to make Inuktitut words. Glad to see that they’ve been working on sprucing up the exhibits. I used to love the kid’s museum.

    I actually have a secret dream of starting a children’s museum here. I plan it in the back of my head and think how our community needs one. I even look at buildings that are for sale and think “Hmm. That building looks big enough for a kids’ museum!” lol. (Cuz I really don’t have anything to do with my life, right?! Maybe when the boys are grown and I’m looking for something meaningful to do with my life. Too bad they have to miss out in the meanwhile!)


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