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The Back-Up Plan…

It seems like forever-ago…but in reality it was just 2 weeks that I was in London, Ontario visiting friends. When I went to hang out with my friend Jen, we decided to head to London’s Children’s Museum with her two munchkins.  After a fantastic lunch out we drove to the Museum to find it closed on a Monday!  Jen thought quickly and decided we go back to her place, pick up our cameras…and take some photos, spend some time in the gorgeous sunny afternoon.  So that is what we did, it was the most fabulous back-up plan ever!

Walk in the Trees

When we got to the Provincial Park I offered to wear Jen’s amoutiq to carry her youngest.  Luckily Jen’s amoutiq was a bit big on her…I put it on, and held breath as I raised my arms to put it on.  Jen helped by pulling it down, as I smushed my chest to fit…but our teamwork made it happen, it fit! (Mind you, it was a bit snug…and Jen laughed as she tied up the rope that goes around the bottom of the pouch and my waist as we didn’t need it, because no baby was going to fall out of that pouch!) We got her youngest situated in the back and off we went.

Jen offered to take the following photos of me…

Walk in the TreesWalk in the TreesWalk in the Trees

Thanks Jen for taking these awesome photos, lending me amoutiq and your daughter!  It made our walk that much more fun…made a dream of mine come true for a few hours…to be able to carry a baby in an amoutiq!

We walked, talked and took photos… Here are some of the ones I shot! It was fun to go out and shoot with someone again.  Jen is a fantastic photographer, she has a blog you can take a look at HERE. There’s one realization I had over this holiday is that I need to stop comparing myself with others. Yes, I have friends that are amazing photographers…but I too am a pretty decent photographer.  I will come across people’s work that is better than mine, but that can spur me on to create and make better images.  It doesn’t mean that my work sucks…it just means that there might be others that are better than me.  I suppose my perfectionist brain needs to learn this lesson… so I’m working on it.

Walk in the TreesWalk in the Trees

We were led down the path by Jen’s oldest… her happy, “C’mon…” and walking stick was awesome!  (Well the stick was awesome when it wasn’t hitting me in the face, my own fault maybe for following a 4 year old with a stick too closely!) The whole afternoon was so much fun.

Walk in the TreesWalk in the TreesWalk in the Trees

Oh she looks all innocent, but don’t follow too closely behind when she has a ‘walking-stick’! 

Walk in the Trees

The rest of our day was awesome.  It involved…ditching the girls with their dad, taking the bus downtown London, having a fantastic Italian Dinner…stopping off for some martini’s…another quick stop for some ‘birthday-shots’ for our mutual friend Tina…a bus ride back to Jen’s and then some fantastic YouTube watching.  It was awesome… thanks for the great visit.  The next time I’ll see you is in the Calgary airport this June…can’t wait…the Yukon won’t know what hit it this June!

Five Likes, 5 Likes…

One of the things I did while I was on holidays was catch up on some ‘current’ YouTube videos with my friend Jen.  We spent like 2 hours watching videos…on her TV via her X-box.  Why you might ask? Well I rarely watch YouTube Videos… with only 10gigs of internet a month.  I have to be selective how use it so I don’t run out! So that means limited YouTube.

There were MANY videos we watched that were so funny…but this one, I laughed so hard I cried. Then we had to watch it again.  I think it made it even better that my friend Jen loves hates Nickelback so much! So I think you my readers should watch it…because it’s way funny.

Now I have a confession, I use the instagram app on my iPhone and I love it! I downloaded it this past June and have loved using it the past 6months or so. The thing I like about this app it’s an easy way to share photos to Facebook and Twitter.   Over my holidays I started using # tags for some of my photos.  And all of a sudden I started to get lots of ‘likes’ from people that don’t follow me.   I posted a photo with a #Toronto tag and then heaps of people started ‘liking’ my photos, and I might have even gotten 5 likes in like 5mins! I suppose that’s just the way this social media photo-sharing app works.  It is kind of funny though…

But don’t worry I draw the line and have never taken photos of duck…but have the rear end of a polar bear! I do love me some filters though…lo-fi is a good choice too! Ok, I’ll stop… but glad I can smile and make fun of myself over my love of this app!

Home Sweet Pang!

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks of 2013!

My last post had me in Oromocto, New Brunswick visiting my friends Morena and Nick. I flew back to Toronto the next day… I spent a few days just chill’n with my little bro and sis! It was great to spend some more time with them… I spent some time doing some shopping and wandering the streets of the city I use to live in.  What struck me was how ‘busy’ everyone seemed to be…on this crazy mission, rushing here and there…but not stopping to see the beauty in every day moments!  I guess that’s what the rat-race looks like…and this is the first time in awhile I was totally out of it, on the outside looking in.

Toronto Instagram

(Instagram Photos…follow me @sarahontheroad) 

Saturday January 5th I packed up Milo and took to the road again! I made a stop in Burlington to visit with some cousins.  They are in the process of moving back to Australia…so it was one of the last times to see them all together! It was so much fun to see them…next time it will be in Australia.  (At some point I need to return, it’s been 9 years since I was enjoying my year there!) From there I continued on my way…to London, Ontario.

The next 5days were jam packed visiting four of my fabulous friends!  It was so awesome to get to spend time with these ladies…and their kids!  Sadly, I didn’t get photos with everyone I saw! (And in the next few days I’m planning on doing some posts sharing some photos and fun things I did with some of my friends!)

It was awesome to see my friends…not only as women, but also wives and mothers!  It struck me at some point over my holidays…we aren’t in our early 20s…but we still know how to have FUN!

Playing with Mirrors... Friends + tiny mirror + camera= fun times!

London was a great visit.  So good to talk to my peeps, share dreams and life…and be in the same room as each other!  And it was also fun meeting 2 new baby boys.  Getting some 3month and 9 1/2 month cuddles in… made my day.  As well as the Preschool and Toddler fun times too!

It seemed so fast that I was heading to the train in Cobourg with my mum…to head to Ottawa.  I had a fantastic holiday…filled with lots of family and friends moments plus a bit of adventure visiting somewhere new.  As I sat on the train and looked out the window…I realized that there were some people I didn’t get a chance to see.  But then I realized that even I can’t do everything I want to do when I want to do it.  So my friends, if I missed you this round…there’s always next time!

Train Ride Instagram

Ottawa was having a ‘warm’ spell…so I left temperatures of just below zero… to Iqaluit at -35C with the windchill then onto Pang where it was about -29C.  Talk about a shock, but it was one I was excited about.

Canadian North--flying home Instagram

(Instagram Photos…follow me @sarahontheroad) 

It was so good to see this sight… my house!  Sleep in my own bed… after travel it’s always great to be able to sleep in your own bed again!

Home Sweet Pang!

(Instagram Photos…follow me @sarahontheroad) 

I’m slowly settling back into life here in Pangnirtung.  Getting adjusted to not seeing the sun…(only a few more weeks and it will be seen over the mountains surrounding town)… even the few short days I’ve been home I have noticed the difference in how there is just a bit more light each day!

A Mini-Road Trip…in New Brunswick

Welcome 2013!

At some point I’ll have to update my 32 Things to do when I’m 32 list...and recap what I did and what will be carried forward to this year.  (Part of the reason I don’t like lists…is if I don’t complete all the items on the list by the deadline, well then I feel like a failure…so usually don’t like making lists for that reason!) That being said, I will revisit my 2012 list…and post some ideas of things I want to do in 2013.  I’m thinking about this before I post anything…

Moving On… 

Today was such a fun day.  Morena, the kids and I went on a ‘driving-tour’ of some of the places around her house!  First mission of the day  was to find an “Oromocto” Sign…(we did find a few, but with the huge amounts of snow…they weren’t so photo-op perfect!)

OromoctoThe fabulous Mini-Van…I must admit, I love my little car…but there’s something pretty awesome about a mini-van! Especially if there’s a DVD player in it!  Thanks Morena for taking me on the little mini-road trip I had so much fun today! The cruisin' van...

We drove around Fredericton.  So many awesome old houses… we stopped for lunch at McDonald’s…the kids enjoyed a bit of a play in the play land…and then got back on the road.  We stopped at the Legislative Buildings…long enough for a quick photo. Fredericton Legislative Buliding...

Our next big stop was at Morena’s parents house… in Grand Bay.  They have gorgeous views of the Saint John River. We had some tea, and visited…it was nice to catch up after meeting in Pang when they came to visit.  (Remember when I climbed Mt. Duval with Morena, Nick and her dad….?) Grand Bay... view of Saint John River

Then we moved onto the beach…I wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a wee bit windy and cold. Morena and the kids stayed in the van…while I ran out to take these photos. Saints Rest... Beach on the Bay of Fundy...beach so awesome, but so cold! If it wasn't so cold, I would have stood and listened to the waves come in for hours!

The sun was beginning set…the perfect light for photos…I found a rock for my camera to sit on…put it on the self-timer…and just JUMPED! New Years JUMP

We continued our driving tour along the streets of Uptown Saint John.  Such a great area…so many cool shops, in old, old buildings… this is a city I need to visit in the summer time.
Saint JohnsUptown Saint Johns... Uptown Saint Johns King's Square...

Thanks Morena for the fantastic driving tour and showing me around your ‘hood! It’s been a fantastic visit…(but it’s not quite over)…but have enjoyed our many conversations.

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