Question of the Day…

Why did the Ptarmigan hang out on the side of the road?  Yellowknife side of the road

…because it was their home? Or maybe because they had no where else to go?Yellowknife side of the road 2

…or maybe it was too bloody cold to do anything else!

Yellowknife side of the road 3

That’s my news from Yellowknife, NWT!  I was excited to see these Ptarmigan sitting on the side of the road the other day while I was on a driving tour of Yellowknife.  It’s been really cold all week here… the other night with the windchill it hit -50C! Thank goodness for long johns and warm parkas!

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6 thoughts on “Question of the Day…

  1. cccare

    Ooooh they are so cute! I didn’t even see them at first – thought they were snowballs =) It has been cold here too, about -40, and the school bus has been late every day this week so we’ve had to wait at the corner for up to 20 minutes.


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