February 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

Another month gone in 2013…has anyone else noticed how fast the days seemed to go in February? Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the fact that it’s getting a bit more light each day.  The temperatures are sunny but cold…but it’s warmed up to the -20Cs so that’s been amazing.  But it time just seems to be flying past so quickly!

This month there were a few challenges I had.  There seemed to be a few days my creative mojo was gone… so I didn’t post anything.  But then decided I should push on and catch up.  As always I post my photos regularly on Instagram (@sarahontheroad).

Thanks again Fat Mum Slim for creating the prompts for the photo-a-day challenge!

Photo-a-Day February 2013

(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check out the details at her blog!)

Without any further ado…here’s my shots!  Under each photo I’ll explain a bit more about the days… I’ll move from left to right. All photos were taken with my iPhone 3GS unless specified.  (A few photos where taken with my SLR…(Canon 50D)…but I’ll let you know which ones those were!)

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 1

Day 1. Fork… I was stuck inside a hotel room in Iqaluit during a blizzard.  I felt kind of uncreative, and bored…so that’s what I came up with!

Day 2. Pattern…After the blizzard settled down, I grabbed my Canon 50D and went outside to take this shot.  It was crazy windy still…but nice to get some fresh air.

Day 3. Something beginning with ‘E’… I got home from my trip to Iqaluit after 2 weeks away, all I had in my fridge was 2 eggs and some egg shells!

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 4

Day 4. Hope… It was a Monday morning and I had ‘hoped’ I could have stayed in my own bed longer!

Day 5. Something you smelled… I made some homemade broccoli soup, it smelt so good!

Day 6. Soft… This little polar bear sits on the shelf by my desk. He and his mittens are pretty soft!

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 7

Day 7. Your name… This was a photo of my name tag from the meetings I was at the week before.  My name is in Inuktitut syllabics at the top of the sticker!

Day 8. Something orange… This is a seacan I pass on my way to work…it’s orangey-red but was close enough to orange for me!

Day 9. Guilty pleasure… I still have a bucket of Halloween candy in my sealift room!  It’s the left overs that a friend send me from the states!

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 10

Day 10. 3 O’Clock… It was 3 O’Clock on a Sunday, I was making a lasagne for the Hawaiian Themed Pot-Luck I went to that night!

Day 11. Entrance… This is my back door to my house, on the inside…it’s a wee bit frosty!

Day 12. Where you ate lunch… Every day I get to come home for lunch, so get to eat at my kitchen table as I listen to Pang Community Radio!

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 13

Day 13. Walking… The sun started to SHINE over the hills.  This was a snap on my way home from work one day at lunch!

Day 14. Love is… Sugar cookies? (I ended up making enough cookies for everyone that works at the GN Building!)

Day 15. Inside your fridge… My fridge looks so organized with my ‘tupperware fridge smart’ containers…helps keep my produce stuff fresh a bit longer!

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 16

Day 16. Perfect… It was a perfect Saturday.  The sun shone all day. I took this photo with my Canon 50D on a walk behind my house.

Day 17. In your hand… Here are three of my favourite broaches.  I was excited that my narwhal and polar bear were repaired by a local jewelry maker!

Day 18. Something you don’t like… This week it was dishes.  I might have let the pile up all week, seriously I need to get on top of this habit of not doing dishes regularly!

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 19

Day 19. I am…a wee bit frosty! (Taken with my Canon 50D after a walk in the evening.)

Day 20. Where I stood… This photo was taken with my iPhone before lunch.  I was waiting at the gas station and jumped out to take a photo of this awesome Sun-dog.  At lunch I took some more photos… of the sun-dog from behind my house. 

Day 21. Full… I have a crazy cupboard FULL of tea.  No coffee in this house, but tea? I have enough for years of tea parties!

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 22

Day 22. Makes you smile… This photo was taken on a walk back to work after lunch.  I was happy to see that my shadow was following me.  (This was taken with my Canon 50D.)

Day 23. A word… I love playing Words with Friends!  Ended up playing a 30point word “Quire” in this game!

Day 24. Cloud… When I went sledding with my neighbours there were just a few fun clouds in the sky.  (Taken with my Canon 50D)

Feb 2013- Photo-a-day 25

Day 25. On your beside table… I had a fever, so was home sick from work that’s why the thermometre, advil and water were on my bedside table!

Day 26. Quiet… I was still feeling sick, so I had a quiet day at home.  In the afternoon I went to sleep on the couch for a bit.

Day 27. Playing… Songza is one of my favourite apps to play music! Have you tried it? It’s a fun online dj…check it out!

Day 28. Upside down… Seems like all my cups in the cupboard were upside down!


Yahoo another month down, that’s 2 months done…only 10 to go! If you want to see my January Photo-A-Day Photos click HERE! So even though February at time wasn’t that easy…I got through another month.  I’m looking forward to March.  There is starting to get more light after work…so hopefully this will help with my creativity with this month’s photos.  If you want to play along, send me a comment and let me know where you are posting your photos!


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

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4 thoughts on “February 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

  1. Keenan

    LOVIN’ this photo challenge Sarah. Lotta cool pics – think Feb 19th & the 2nd are my fave this month. Ok…but the pic of your fridge – that’s borderline OCD. HA!

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