January 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

For 2013 I wanted to step up to the challenge of taking a photo EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I decided I would use instagram to share them then at the end of the month blog the photos I came up with.  Last year I did a few Photo Challenges following along with Fat MuM Slim’s challenge lists.  So I decided to try to play along each month this year.  So I’m 1/12 done… I did it!

Here’s the January 2013 List:

Photo-a-Day January 2013

(Source: Fat Mum Slim

Without any further ado…here’s my shots!  Under each photo I’ll explain a bit more about the days… I’ll move from left to right. All photos were taken with my iPhone 3GS unless specified.  (A few photos where taken with an SLR…some with my digital Canon 50D…and one with my film SLR but I’ll let you know which ones those were!)

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 1-3)

Day 1: Today… I went to the beach in Saint John, New Brunswick and jumped at sunset! This was taken with my Canon 50D and was a self-timed shot…

Day 2: Something New… I spent some time with my friend’s 4 year old.  He totally schooled me in Mario Bros…this was something totally new, as a kid I use to be awesome at that game!

Day 3: Heart… My mum sent her heart around the world to me when I was in Australia 9 1/2 years ago.  I keep them now in my camera bag…so I always travel with love.

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Days 4-6)

Day 4: The view from here… I was shopping at Bathurst and Bloor in Toronto!

Day 5: Movement… I was on the road driving this day! Drove from Toronto to Burlington to London…here’s a shot I took at a rest-stop!

Day 6: Mine… I love my Blundstone boots.  Yes, they are all mine…and I’ve finally almost gotten them broken in!

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Days 7-9)

Day 7: Street… A quick shot from the streets in London, Ontario.  My friend was driving and I snapped this at a red-light…love the way the sun was shining!

Day 8: Something that beings with ‘T’… TREE!!! This was a shot I took while I was taking a walk in the trees with my friend Jen.  It was taken with my Canon 50D!

Day 9: Paper… I took this shot of my Sis-in-law’s books/paper that were totally organized above her desk!

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 10-13)

Day 10: One O’Clock… I was having lunch with my friends Erin and Dan in London, Ontario.  It was after a crazy Costco shopping trip.  It was the biggest, baddest Cobb Salad ever!

Day 11: Water… my mum got this new water cooler- such cold water!  It was a bonus too because Lindsay water doesn’t taste so good!

Day 12: Surprise… I was on the train heading to Ottawa.  My holidays were almost done. The train trip was a last minute decision but so worth it.  (*this photo was taken one day late!)

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 14-16)

Day 13: Circle… Random grommet holding the fabric on the train seat!

Day 14: Something Yellow… The Iqaluit airport is a yellow hub of activity.  I was glad to be almost home…

Day 15: An Ordinary Moment… Just me walking the streets in my sealskin kamiks!

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 16-18)

Day 16: Two things… Two little dogs on my walk to work!

Day 17: Ready… The moon was ready to party as I walked home for lunch!

Day 18: Shadow… All of Pang is currently in shadows…soon the sun will rise above the mountains, but until then the town is in one big shadow!

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 19-21)

Day 19: Delicious… a piece of homemade fudge…  mmmm so good and so easy to make!

Day 20: Something you saw…I saw the sun setting turning the sky into an amazing pink scene.

Day 21: What you do… Here’s a shot of my desk-it’s where I work!

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 22-24)

Day 22: Corner…Here’s the corner of my hotel room in Yellowknife.  Yep, it was a long day..and so cold outside so didn’t leave the hotel..that’s the best I came up with!

Day 23: Electric… just a plug in the hotel bathroom!

Day 24: Stripes… a friend’s hardwood floor…such lovely stripes!

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 25-27)

Day 25: Landscape…spent a lot of time on a plane flying from Yellowknife, NWT to Rankin Inlet, NU to Iqaluit, NU. This was the view somewhere over Hudson’s Bay.

Day 26: Together…I went over to a friend’s house in Iqaluit to play bingo.  Sadly I didn’t have enough numbers together to win!

Day 27: Sun… I enjoyed the sun popping through the curtains in my hotel room.

Photo-a-Day January 2013 (Day 28-31)

Day 28: Through… Here’s a look through my window of Iqaluit that I got from my hotel room.

Day 29: Grow… I took this shot a few years ago with my Film SLR.  I just loved the fact that babies feet are so tiny but eventually grow!

Day 30: Down…a look down at the cars below my hotel room view!

Day 31: Yourself…here’s a self-protrait of me on my last day of meetings in Iqaluit!


So there you have it! My first month down… only 11 more to go.  It sure is easy to accomplish goals if you break them up into manageable pieces.  Here’s the prompts for February.

Photo-a-Day February 2013

(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check out the details at her blog!)

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 if you want to join along and take a photo every day in February. Don’t worry you can catch up and do two photos today…  and let me know in the comments section where I can find your photos!

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12 thoughts on “January 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

  1. cccare

    Fudge – thanks, now I can’t think of anything else. I have tons of paperwork to do and all I want to do is eat FUDGE. I have no fudge, or ingredients for fudge. I might have to forget the paperwork and go to the store instead….

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      mmmm fudge, now I want some…but can’t because I’m sitting in a hotel room! You don’t have chocolate chips? a can of eagle brand milk? that’s all you need for the fudge that I make! I would totally forget paperwork… fudge is a callin’…

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