Sunday Afternoon Sledding…

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Pang…the sun was shining, blue skies and non-existant wind!  I wanted to head outside to get some fresh air.  The day before I stayed inside all day…partly because my house had run out of heating oil…so it was freak’n cold, and I knew that if I went outside…I’d get cold and then come back inside to a cold house.  That’s not such a great plan.  (Don’t worry..I did end up getting more oil, the furnace lines bled and all that jazz..and had a lovely afternoon of catching up on some tv shows…and starting to watch a new tv series, so it was all good!)

I called my neighbours to see if they wanted to go sledding…Ryan was heading out with his son…so I tagged along. We just walked up the snowmobile ‘highway’ behind our house… to just below the hill from the water reservoir.

Sledding in Pang_0001Sledding in Pang_0000

Then the sledding began!  Marton is 3…and had a blast.  At the end of each run, he promptly get on his feet and say again! Ryan and I took turns climbing to the top of the hill and sledding down with him.  Ryan and Marton went first… I LOVE this photo of them climbing up to the top of the hill, it’s one of my favourites from the day!

Sledding in Pang_0011Sledding in Pang_0012

I took Marton down a couple of times before I passed my camera over to Ryan.  He did an awesome job at taking some shots of Marton and I on the hill… thank you! (that’s Mt. Duval in the background…I climbed to the top last June!)

Sledding in Pang_0002Sledding in Pang_0013

After a few times up and down the hill…we stopped sledding for a few minutes. Marton was started to make some snow ‘cupcakes’.  He is one of the most delightful little boys I know…he LOVES to be outside to play no matter what the weather is.  (Today it was -26C and he was a happy little guy out there playing for a good hour!)

Sledding in Pang_0014Sledding in Pang_0010Sledding in Pang_0009Sledding in Pang_0008

Then for the ‘last’ long sled…Ryan and Marton went to the top of the BIG hill… (to the fence of the water reservoir) to attempt to sled down the WHOLE hill following a snowmobile track!

Here they are on the way to the top… (Marton got a rid on the sled!)

Sledding in Pang_0015Then here is their progress down the hill…. Sledding in Pang_0004

As they passed where I was standing to take photos, there was a bit of ‘snow’ spray that happened!  Marton is a trooper… and wasn’t bothered at all about the snow that sprayed him!  (He giggled and laughed about it…) Sledding in Pang_0005Sledding in Pang_0006Sledding in Pang_0007

It was such a fun delightful way to spend some time outside. Thanks for a fun afternoon Ryan and Marton.  Next time I need to take one of my own sleds (I forgot it at home this trip…) and Maki needs to come too!!!

Sledding in Pang_0003

Two things that are making me happy: being able to wear my sunglasses again and seeing my shadow!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Sledding…

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      I can only wear them when the sun comes over the hills…(10ish until about 3ish)…soon it will be longer! Today when I walked home, it was still quite light out. Bring on the 24 sun!


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