Sundogs in Pang…

sundog over Pang...

Yesterday there was a special treat on a frosty cold morning. The sun hovered just over mountain behind town…and a gorgeous sundog surrounded it was the spectacular view.  What’s a sundog?  Well it’s when the sun is low in the sky and interacts with ice particles in the sky. (more info about this can be found HERE.)

I rushed home to get my camera at lunch and head back outside to get some shots.  Here are some shots I ended up taking in my backyard. (…don’t you love the sparkle on the snow?) backyard

Behind my house is a ‘snowmobile’ highway…it’s a perfect place to walk dogs.  So lots of my friends were doing this very thing at the beinging of my lunch break!  So ended up taking a few shots of them as well.

Dogs on the run!

Of course these dogs were happy to be running free…whether they had long legs or short legs! These dogs loved running in the sunshine.

Dogs in the snow... little dogs like the snow too!

Sun + dogs = sundogs …that’s an ok math equation right?

Sun + dogs = sundogs

Sitting pretty in the -31C (-37C with the windchill)…. did seem to bother this beauty!

sitting pretty...

Soon it was time to back to the party…and finish their lunch run!

...Lunch time Run with the dogs...

Until there was time to a bit more of a play…

Taking time to play under the sun...

Watching these dogs play in the sunshine almost made me wished I had dog.  But in reality…I’m not sure that would be a good idea.  I’m not a great dog person…but love and appreciate other’s dogs.  But big dogs scare me.  The other reason is that it’s hard to find dog-sitters and I do move around quite a bit! So I suppose when I need a dog fix, I can go find a friend’s dog and go for a walk!

...sun + dog = sundog

Days like yesterday make me smile…Happy Thursday…. hope you have a fantastic day!

...happy to see the sun!

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7 thoughts on “Sundogs in Pang…

  1. Hemborgwife

    So pretty, we have had two actual sunsets this week and I have been amazed! I also feel you about the moving and dog situation I would love to have a little one but like you said who is going to watch it when we are away!

  2. Keenan

    So glad I committed to a dog last year – has enriched my quality of life. That said…fav shot of your post is the last pic – arms up, soaking in the sun. FAAAANNNNTASTIC!

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …that is my neighbour! I asked her to lift her arms…and she was like, I look like a freak…and I was like..wait until you see the photo! She liked it after I showed her the shot.

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