Baby Steps

While in Iqaluit a few weeks ago on my last night in town I went over to my friend’s house for dinner.  Before we got into the buisness of making pizza for dinner, I snapped a few shots of their family!  (A year ago in April I took Josefina’s maternity shots and then last fall I did a 6month shoot for her youngest….)
Friend's Photo Shoot_0001 These two boys are the sweetest I know in Iqaluit!  Friend's Photo Shoot_0003Friend's Photo Shoot_0002

This little man started taking steps the day before I came over for dinner.  One of my favourite moments of being an Infant Room Early Childhood Educator was to be there to see babies when they take their first steps!  Nothing can beat that new walking baby- almost zombie- straight arm, straight leg walk!  Friend's Photo Shoot_0004 Friend's Photo Shoot_0005 Friend's Photo Shoot_0006 Friend's Photo Shoot_0007 Friend's Photo Shoot_0008This little man was so excited to show me all his games he was playing on his iPad….Angry Birds and a Buzz Lightyear game!  
Friend's Photo Shoot_0009Just a few ‘family’ shots…
Friend's Photo Shoot_0010 Family portraiture

These photos were just the beginning of a great night.  Thanks so much for dinner and awesome conversation.  I’m glad we are friends.  I’ll drop this CD in the mail…as soon as possible…there’s a few more on the disk. Next time I’m in Iqaluit we should head back down to Apex to get some more family shots on the beach!

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